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A l l   B i s q u e

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Orsini All Bisque Mimi in Awesome 7" Size

Who can resist the joyful Orsini all bisque character girls, but when you find one of the super rare 7" examples, that is something to really cause attention.  We have here "Mimi" incised J10@1920 on her back and she has the circular smile with molded teeth showing.  She has warm brown, glass sleep eyes, feathery painted lashes and brows and healthy, rosy cheeks with a long and curled human hair wig that is original.
Of course she is pointing her index finger with that arm bent up, and she is jointed at the shoulders and hips with molded and painted black Mary Jane shoes and white long stockings.  She has a couple of small cheek rubs on her right cheek and a black pepperspot on her upper left thigh.  Her vintage, velvet and rayon party dress in reds and orange tones even has matching pantaloons underneath.

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Mignonette with Jointed Elbows

Most probably from Sustrac in the late 1870's, this 4 3/4" French all bisque with bird-like fineness is a tiny treasure from head to toe. She has blue enamel eyes, pursed closed lips, and arched painted brows with dotted  lashes. Her swivel head is perched on her ultra slim body, having long legs, bare feet and slender arms that are jointed with detached balls at the elbows.  She is completely original, with a long, strawberry blond mohair wig and cream silk, lace trimmed frock and hat. She even retains her original silk ankle ties that serve as her shoes, better to display her dainty bare feet. Her left foot has been expertly repaired, almost invisibly.

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