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A l l   B i s q u e

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Simon Halbig 886

8 1/2"
In French Store Box with Wardrobe

Still residing in a box from a shop in Lyon that specialized in dolls and toys, we have a large Simon Halbig 886 all bisque child with brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, pierced ears, original blond mohair wig and a long, French type body.  It is jointed at shoulders and hips, in addition to having a swivel neck and she has the desirable, long black molded stocking with heeled, brown molded shoes. 
To the right you can see the label inside the lid of the dark green, paper covered box from the shop "A La Ville De St. Claude" at 32, Reu Grenette in Lyon, France.  In it there are several antique dresses for her in various styles, from a wool seaside dress (some holes) to a dress blue silk frock, a red plaid number and a two piece, multi ruffled red and white striped cotton suit.
There are also two white dresses, a straw hat and a silky ecru bonnet.  Her prized possession is a set of French china dishes  with a petite floral painted pattern.  She is free of damage except her right thumb which is repaired, but not  the best it could be. 

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Extraordinary Early Bisque

Rare Bathing Doll

Technically not a Frozen Charlotte due to the jointed shoulders, this austere child still falls in the category of the bathing doll, or Baederkin in German.  Her early untinted bisque and gentle decoration place her at around the year 1870 and the workmanship is flawless.  Just the modeling of her little eyelids, delicately painted blue eyes, lightly tinted rose cheeks and highly detailed ears draw you in, but the studying has only started.
She has a rounded, bald head and wears a wispy, antique mohair wig, but wears no clothing to fully display her exceptionally molded body.  After the jointed shoulders having the original wire attachments the rest of the body is stationary, with its childlike, chubby torso, molded chest and stomach, and limbs with the detailed folds of skin, elbows and kneecaps, down to the realistically sculpted feet and toes.  An awesome piece, in the true meaning of the word!

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Early Kestner Child

4 1/2"
Molded Black Bootines

With all the beloved Kestner all bisque attributes, rounded face, brown glass sleep eyes, pouty little closed mouth, chubby body with clenched fits and molded black high bootines, this girl is just waiting to join an all bisque family somewhere.  She has a swivel neck and is jointed at the shoulders and hips, and she wears a white cotton frock with lace trim and antique lace bonnet.  Her pantaloons match very well, however they are vintage.  Her only flaw is a minute shaving of bisque missing at the corner of the right eye, so she is specially priced!

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Orsini Character

5 "

  One of three Orsini all bisque sisters, here we have "Vivi", with her laughing eyes, wide smile and molded teeth and tongue.  She has blue glass sleep eyes, and typical body jointed at the shoulders and hips, with one arm bent and index finger casually pointing, plus her feet are molded Mary Jane shoes.  She has her original brunette, human hair bobbed wig and the back of her body is incised  10@1919/41.  Her original pink net and silk ribbon costume has never been off and the netting has some areas of fragility, but not noticeable as her magical fairy-like presence will grab your attention.

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All Bisque Tynie Baby

8 1/4"
By Horseman

Look at this robust infant named Tynie Baby by Horseman in the 1920's who brings joy with every pose!  A bisque swivel head with blue glass sleep eyes and closed mouth, being the molded hair variety.  Chubby and molded bisque torso and limbs, jointed at the shoulders and hips, with playful, lifelike details throughout.
Covering all that adorable baby fat is a onesey t-shirt as underclothing and a cool cotton, pink print sun-suit with matching belt.  A pink and white crocheted bonnet secured by tasseled ties makes her as cheerful as a fully blooming  flower!

s s s   

Mignonette with Jointed Elbows

Most probably from Sustrac in the late 1870's, this 4 3/4" French all bisque with bird-like fineness is a tiny treasure from head to toe. She has blue enamel eyes, pursed closed lips, and arched painted brows with dotted  lashes. Her swivel head is perched on her ultra slim body, having long legs, bare feet and slender arms that are jointed with detached balls at the elbows.  She is completely original, with a long, strawberry blond mohair wig and cream silk, lace trimmed frock and hat. She even retains her original silk ankle ties that serve as her shoes, better to display her dainty bare feet. Her left foot has been expertly repaired, almost invisibly.

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Black Bisque Baby Figure

5 1/4" Tall Overall
in Ormolu High Chair

An exotic, ethnic 3" bisque baby of fine workmanship by Kestner or Hertwig, as an immobile figure seated and secured into an opulent ormolu high chair with a tray that multi-tasks as a pin cushion.  The detail and painting of the face with blue painted eyes and cadmium red lips is quite intricate, not to mention the molded white bonnet and molded, thigh-length, one-piece infant garment.  Casually posed legs hide under the tray while the arms are in fully outstretched,  mealtime pose. (Some factory rough spots on the fingers.)

s s s    

French BTE with Jointed Elbows

 French 5" all bisque with jointed elbows, with a different face from the Sustrac and Simon Halbig models we usually see, incised on her back with  B T E.  Brown glass eyes, closed mouth, palest bisque, closed mouth and original blond mohair wig.  She has a swivel neck and in addition to the elbows, is jointed at the shoulders and hips. 

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