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A l l   B i s q u e

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Seven Inches of Orsini All Bisque!

Who can resist the joyful Orsini all bisque character girls, but when you find one of the super rare 7" examples, that is something to really cause attention.  We have here "Vivi" incised 110@1919 on her back and she has the wide smile with top teeth showing that sets her apart from Mimi and Didi.  She has vivid blue glass eyes, feathery painted lashes and brows and healthy, rosy cheeks with a straight, bobbed mohair wig that is original.
Of course she is pointing her index finger with that arm bent up, and she is jointed at the shoulders and hips with molded and painted black Mary Jane shoes and white long stockings.  She has a small chip at the edge of her rear left armhole and the index finger looks to have overpaint, but it is really hard to tell as it does not black-light as if there was any repaint.   Her antique, three piece crocheted ensemble is smart and comfortable.

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Sustrac with Jointed Elbows

Rarely Seen Size

The thrill of finding a French mignonette with jointed elbows can definitely be punctuated by the acquisition of one in the largest size of 7" such as this.  Usually five inches or less, these delicate creatures capture our attention with their bird-like faces, cobalt eyes, meticulously painted features, eggshell white bisque, swivel necks long, slender jointed limbs with bare feet and of course, the bonus of extra articulation at the elbows. 
She has a grey baking line from manufacture at her left front shoulder area, typical of this ultra-early bisque, but a line on her right upper arm is actually a strand of hair in the photo!  She wears a lovely frock of antique fabrics and trims, antique undergarments, and a vintage, intircate wig of blond mohair in a fancy do of ringletts and  rear braided bun.  She is shown in one of the photos modeling in an opulent bronze display vitrine, shown in detail and available on the furniture page.

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French Mignonette with Baggage

A rare young lady, due to her brown glass eyes, is this 5" French mignonette.  Although that may be the first thing noticed, her loveliness increases with her super pale bisque, swivel neck, original brunette human hair wig in floor length braids, slender all bisque body and limbs jointed at the shoulders and hips.  Her molded boots are an unusual mint green and any stray lines you see on them in the photos are strands of her sometimes unruly long locks!
Her never-removed clothing consists of a burgundy and ivory silk frock with matching fancy chapeau, and underneath are wonderful layers of matching, original, starched muslin undergarments trimmed in lace.  Somewhere along the way, she acquired her multi-layered travel trunk to store her personal belongings, which at this point are a couple of frail bonnets, a cotton blouse, and a tiny locket. Along with her comes the hanging label she carried from the collection of the Mary Merritt Doll Museum.

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Asian All Bisque Beauty

Exotic Mignonette

The inspiration of the Orient was felt strongly during many eras past, with the flavor of design, fashion, and culture of east Asia leaving its mark throughout society.  The doll world followed suit with production of fashions, bebes and all bisques with molded features, hairstyles and costumes that reflected this love for the Orient.  With a slightly olive complexion, brown glass eyes in an upwardly slanted cut, and a closed mouth in a hint of a smile, this little girl is most probably from the firm of Simon Halbig, whose all bisque mignonettes   often surpassed their true French counterparts in beauty and finery.
She has a swivel neck and is jointed at the shoulders and hips, with long, slender limbs and bare feet. There is  a very small chip at the top back of her left thigh.     Her original raven braided mohair wig hangs below her knees from an upswept bun high atop her solid dome head.  Her black satin, ankle length culottes supply a dramatic backdrop to her enchanting, floral embroidered, cream silk tunic.  Exotic beauty.

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Mignonette with Jointed Elbows

Most probably from Sustrac in the late 1870's, this 4 3/4" French all bisque with bird-like fineness is a tiny treasure from head to toe. She has blue enamel eyes, pursed closed lips, and arched painted brows with dotted  lashes. Her swivel head is perched on her ultra slim body, having long legs, bare feet and slender arms that are jointed with detached balls at the elbows.  She is completely original, with a long, strawberry blond mohair wig and cream silk, lace trimmed frock and hat. She even retains her original silk ankle ties that serve as her shoes, better to display her dainty bare feet. Her left foot has been expertly repaired, almost invisibly.

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