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A l l   B i s q u e

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Super Grand Kestner Early All Bisque


The colossal presence of this grand (11 1/2"), early Kestner all bisque can only be 100% appreciated in person, however it is a thrill to even lay eyes on her photos. The advanced detail of her painting and molding is present from her youthful facial features to her robust muscular body and limbs, to the painstaking and realistic sculpting of her hands and feet. The gifted artistry of those who produced these is astonishing.

    She has rich, brown glass sleep eyes, and open mouth with square-cut teeth, and original, long blond mohair wig, swivel neck and an e bisque body that is jointed at the shoulders and hips and realistically shaded. She is just marked with an incised 5 on the back of her head her condition is as close to perfect as can be. On her right upper leg at the hip there is a miniscule fleck, that must be mentioned due to the fact that it is so microscopic, you may miss it. Her antique clothing is a combination of light, cotton garments with lace trims, only meant to cover her, but not too much!

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It's an All Bisque Mignonette Wedding!

First, The Bride and Groom in
Vintage, Gold Paper-covered Box, that includes an antique, wax flower bride's crown, to use as their wedding arch!
The Pair or Wedding Couple are all original and sold together in the box, with the wedding arch. 

The wedding couple are both approximately 5 1/4" tall, both with blue glass eyes, pale bisque, original blond mohair wigs and molded footwear, with the groom having blue strapped shoes and the bride having brown boots.  The price above is for the pair in the vintage box with the antique, wax flower wedding arch that is a real bride's wedding crown.  Bride has small hip chip at top of left leg, groom has small chip at front of neck socket.

The rest of the wedding party are sold separately and detailed below! 

All  of the dolls have swivel necks, are jointed at the shoulders and hips, are made by Simon Halbig and have varying molded footwear.  All of them have the signature closed, smiling mouth, pale bisque, antique clothing that is stitched on and any detectable issue with the bisque is listed.

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4 7/8" Mignonette in tuxedo with high collar linen shirt with brown glass eyes, curly blond original wig, and blue strapped molded shoes.  He has a small chip on the front of his neck socket under the shirt collar.  $2,250.  SOLD

5" Mignonette in sky blue silk brocade, two piece gown with lace trim, original blond mohair wig, vintage hat and black molded boots.  $2,450.  SOLD
5 1/4" Mignonette in burgundy, two-piece silk dress with long train, trimmed in lace and matching chapeau with silk ties, original blond mohair wig (sparse at front top),  brown glass eyes and faint brown spot in the bisque on the forehead, (not damage), molded tan boots.  $2,450.
5 1/2" Mignonette in dark brown silk, two piece suit with voluminous bustle at the rear of the skirt, matching, feather adorned chapeau, blue glass eyes, honey blond mohair wig and rare lavender molded shoes.  $2,250.
5 1/2" Mignonette in deep blue velvet dress trimmed in black lace with matching chapeau, blue glass eyes, dark blond mohair wig, and rare lavender molded boots.  Her head has a cracked head which you can see on the left side of her face, more photos available.  $1,395.
5 1/2" Mignonette in ebony velvet dress trimmed in black lace with matching, feathered chapeau, curly blond mohair wig, blue glass eyes, bisque on face has miniscule, factory pin tip size spots (not damage), and brown molded boots.  $2,250.

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German All Bisque 217 Googly 


First impression on this perky German all bisque googly is that she must be larger than 6 1/2, but it is her powerful presence at work. She has a glorious little googly face with blue glass, side-glancing sleep eyes, she is very content with her closed mouth smile and she has what seems to be her original sandy brown mohair wig. Her swivel neck gives her that extra posing flexibility and she is jointed at the shoulders and hips with molded blue stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. Her simple striped cotton play dress is antique and extra cute is her cream knit bloomers to coordinate with her knit bonnet, all tied up with a lively blue silk ribbon. 

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German All Bisque Googly


A sweet all bisque German googly (6") that looks very similar to the Hertel and Schwab 165. She has brown glass sleep eyes that glance to the side, a closed mouth with watermelon smile, original brown mohair wig and a stationary neck. She is jointed at the shoulders and hips and has blue molded socks with black molded Mary Jane style shoes. Her country costume is antique and features a darling, early print apron and underneath is her adorable, one-piece knit undergarment with lace trim.

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Tall and Awesome, Early Simon Halbig Mignonette


Here is a sublime, early mignonette from Simon Halbig that surpasses expectations due to her unique beauty and size. She is almost 11 (10 7/8") tall with deep blue enamel eyes, molded eyelids, impeccably painted brows and lashses, a closed mouth, and refined features. Her pale, early bisque gives her a soft, smooth complexion and the subtle shading on her cheeks and body give her an extra human-like presence.

She has a kid-lined swivel neck and is peg jointed at the shoulders and hips with molded, double strap shoes and white calf-length stockings.  The antique, A-line frock she wears is a true delight in a rose and pink miniature floral print with a burgundy front panel that is complemented with a antique, quilted burgundy satin bonnet that hooks closed at the side chin line. The thumb of ther right hand has been restored and there is a chip at her right leg peg hole.

s s s      

Mignonette with Extra Personality

There is something extra ordinary about this 6", ginger-haired all bisque girl with her slim, mignonette torso and limbs, pale, early bisque, dark blue glass eyes and closed smiling lips.  She is most probably from a German maker like Gebruder Kuhnlenz for the French market, as she could easily stand next to her BTE friends and add some spice and personality to the setting.  Could it be her long, red mohair wig of curls?
In addition to having a swivel neck, add having her elongated, slim limbs jointed at the shoulders and hips, she has molded two strap black shoes and a rare, pumpkin stocking color with to contribute to her perkiness.  At the front of her torso at the neck rim, there is a minute shaving of bisque that is not distracting but must be mentioned.  For clothing, she wears an antique frock of fine white cotton with lace inlay and antique cotton pantaloons underneath.

s s s   

Orsini Character

5 "

  One of three Orsini all bisque sisters, here we have "Vivi", with her laughing eyes, wide smile and molded teeth and tongue.  She has blue glass sleep eyes, and typical body jointed at the shoulders and hips, with one arm bent and index finger casually pointing, plus her feet are molded Mary Jane shoes.  She has her original brunette, human hair bobbed wig and the back of her body is incised  10@1919/41.  Her original pink net and silk ribbon costume has never been off and the netting has some areas of fragility, but not noticeable as her magical fairy-like presence will grab your attention.

s s s        

Black Bisque Baby Figure

5 1/4" Tall Overall
in Ormolu High Chair

An exotic, ethnic 3" bisque baby of fine workmanship by Kestner or Hertwig, as an immobile figure seated and secured into an opulent ormolu high chair with a tray that multi-tasks as a pin cushion.  The detail and painting of the face with blue painted eyes and cadmium red lips is quite intricate, not to mention the molded white bonnet and molded, thigh-length, one-piece infant garment.  Casually posed legs hide under the tray while the arms are in fully outstretched,  mealtime pose. (Some factory rough spots on the fingers.)


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