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E a r l y   D o l l s

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English Wax Lady

 What an elegant wax lady (16") in her original costume and wig, with pierced ears! Her blue glass eyes and a hint of a smile look to the side with her slightly turned shoulder head as she shows off her original earrings. A strawberry blond head of inserted mohair is swept up into an elaborate do, encircled by a long braid at the crown.
Her  rich, burgundy silk costume is in excellent condition with its black silk trim and intricate lace collar/shawl that matches the lace trim on the sleeves.  She has a sturdy cloth body with wax lower arms and hands that has stitched jointing, and as her costume is originally secured, there is a shot of her starched undergarments and black leather shoes to show a bit of what is underneath.  Her only flaw is a bit of flatness to the tip of her nose.

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Blond Parian Lady

Intricate Hairdo

For those looking for an unusual hairstyle, this blond parian shoulder head lady offers a multi-faceted example.  She sports a rear chignon that folds upward to a braided bun on top.  From there falls a full cascade of curly bangs that continue down on each side of her temples.  Her ears are pierced, she had blue painted eyes and light blushing to her cheeks.
Her body is antique, of old cloth and the lower arms and legs of parian bisque with the feet being molded black boots.  A very well presented doll she is, as her aqua, light wool, one piece dress as appealing trim of darker velvet on her collar and cuffs.  The color detail is continued with two rows of blue fabric covered buttons down the entire front.  Undergarments are all antique and this girl has that all original feeling.

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Excellent Greiner Type

Original Finish

At first glance, the impeccable condition of this paper mache girl of 1860 would cause you to suspect restoration, but with closer inspection it becomes clear that she has made it through the ages with little wear to her shoulder head.  Having almost the fresh glow she had when new, she wears her molded black hair pulled behind her exposed ears in long ringlets, complete with molded detail of strands of hair throughout.  She has rare, painted brown eyes, a smooth, pale complexion with soft shading and smiling lips.
Her antique cloth body is jointed at the shoulders and hips, there is a bone stay up the front of the torso and some ribbon has been wrapped around her tiny waist as an apparent reinforcement.  An endearing, sheer cotton dress and pinafore look to be original or at least as old as she is and her cotton undergarments are antique as well.  She wears long stockings and antique red leather shoes.  This doll feels like an heirloom doll that has been given the very best of treatment over the centuries.

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Early Continental Doll


Composite over Wood

As with many early dolls from the European continent, this intriguing wooden female most probably started out as a creche or religious figure and with some style and grooming changes over the centuries, now stands as a refined lady.  She looks to be French from the late 18th century with a very expressive face having enamel eyes, character features, and detailed molding of facial structure and ears.  Her antique long, mohair wig is an addition and not original, covered by an antique lace mob cap..
Head and shoulder are stationary and the material is a wood/paper/gesso composite over a layer of carved wood underneath.  The cloth upper arms are jointed at the shoulder and are composite from the elbow to the hands. The rest of the body is wood with a painted gesso surface jointed at the hips and knees, painted white stockings and cared footwear.  The doll cannot reach a full sitting position as the jointing is stiff.  Her undergarments are antique with the pantaloons actually looking as old as she is, however the dress is made in the 21st century with old fabrics.  Her face has had professional, conservative touch up to retain her stately and regal presence.

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Glass Eyed Blond Parian with Molded Blouse

Probably made by the firm of Donham, Kock and Fischer, we have a parian lady with blue glass eyes to complement her fancy blond molded hairdo that has curls galore on top and a thick molded braid encircling her head in the back.  Pale, unfired bisque with soft shading and decoration of features are lovely on her, as is her rare, decorated blouse on her shoulderplate, front and back.  At the front collar, there is an attached glass gemstone that sparkles to complement the earrings in her pierced ears.
Her antique body is of jointed cloth with pale bisque lower arms, her undergarments all antique and her dark leather boots are replacements.  A sheer, cotton pinafore dress with a pale lavender floral motif and ruffled straps over a fine, white cotton blouse makes for a perfect outfit for a spring outing!  She is ready for it.

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All Original Milliners Model

How special to find an incredibly well preserved, original German Milliners model (13") from the early 1850's.  Her paper mache head has a beautiful original complexion with painted feathers and her molded, painted black chair is center-parted with ringlet curls all around the back.  She has the typical leather body with wooden lower arms and lower legs, with orange painted slippers, all in very nice condition.
Her original, endearing, two-piece cotton suit in a blue and white print with fringed trim has underneath it two layers of slips, one them with a tiny print of its own!  She also has a string of tiny beads around her neck, but it is not known if this was added at some point.

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Blond Parian with Turned Head

The head of this sweet, blond parian girl (16") is slightly turned to her right on the shoulder plate, causing some extra added interest to her presentation.  She has the white, untinted bisque face and shoulder with a more chubby, youthful molding, blue painted eyes, rouged cheeks and pierced ears.  Her cascade of molded blond curls starts on her forehead and then raises above her head in an ornate, braded bun that is artfully molded to be secured down the back of her head.  Quite elaborate.
Her antque body of is jointed cloth with parian lower arms and hands, and parian lower legs with rare, molded blue boots. She wears an antique dress of lace having a simple, linear silhouette with a sash tied above the waist and underneath are her antique undergarments.  Her light hair and clothing gives her a monochromatic color scheme that is refreshing and youthful.

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19 1/2"
English Wax Child

There is something so endearing about the Pierotti face as seen in this infant-like wax child from England, ca. 1860.  The enamel eyes are multifaceted with a dark ring of blue and then an iris of spiral blue tones around the black pupil.  So lifelike, along with the pink skin tone of the wax shoulder head, lower arms and lower legs.  The inlaid, soft human hair of golden blond is quite sparse when not covered with the antique bonnet, just like a real baby!
The body is antique and jointed at the shoulders, hips and knees, with the right index finger being white in color, suggesting some restoration to part of it.  The toes and fingers are very well detailed as are the molded ears.  Of course this bambino wears an appropriate,  white cotton baby gown with layers of undergarments and a delicate organdy and lace bonnet. Around the neck of the slightly turned head hangs an antique bone teething ring on a silk ribbon cord.

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Fancy Parian

9 1/2"
Dornheim, Koch & Fischer

The amount of detail in this diminutive German parian lady is impressive despite her small size.  She has cafe au' lait hair molded in an elaborate style, with touseled bangs, and pulled back sides that come together in back into a dressy bun. Her ears are pierced, a rare feature, and she has a beautifully painted face with blue eyes, heart-shaped lips, and soft rouge on her cheeks, all in a very refined style.  Her cloth body has bisque lower arms and legs, with molded black bootines with cranberry red painted garters.  Her dress is frilly and antique with layers of ribbon trimmed netting.

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 Greiner Type Blond Paper Mache 

Rare Glass Eyes

Already an enchanting early doll, this paper mache of the Greiner type has some rare features that really cause her to  stand out.  Varying from the usual black molded hair, she has blond molded hair with eposed ears and the added detail of a black molded hairband (similar to the Alice hairdo" on the back of the head with short curls spilling below.  In addition, she has pupil-less glass eyes that give her more soul, contrasting with her pale complexion
Her shoulders have surface crazing on the front and back of the plate, and there are some additional signs of age and environment to parts of her face, but overall, the condition is very nice.  She has an antique cloth body with red and white striped stocking attached and she wears brown leather, antique button up boots.  Her leather arms have had restoration work as they main part of the arms are recovered and the original hands have damage to the separately stitched, wired fingers that are reinforced.  Her antique cotton, tiny print prairie dress and antique undergarments with fancy edged pantaloons are excellent and may be original.  

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