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E a r l y   D o l l s

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Wax Wooden Lady

Who is this highly unusual girl, circa 1740, from a time when highly detailed, carved wood lady dolls rose up as spare pieces from the cabinet maker's floor, were nurtured with some human artistry and construction, and were brought to life with details, decoration and hand made clothing into "living" playthings and representations of daily life at all levels of society. What makes this lady truly unique is that she fits that pattern but her head is of  carved, molded beeswax, with most probably a wooden head underneath for support. 
She has pupiless, dark enamel eyes, a refined profile with some wear to the nose, a prim little painted red mouth and long, human hair wrapped into a rear braid.  Her body and legs are of carved, fully jointed wood, with formed feet painted as green slippers, and her arms are linen cloth, down to her wooden forearms with forked hands.  Her clothing and undergarments are genuine and has the look of original, but cannot be guaranteed.  She has lived in the same jade green Abercrombie and Fitch box for over 40 years with the same owner and it continues to provide storage and protection when traveling.

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Early Tuck Comb

12 1/2"
Grodnertal Wooden in Box

Reclining in her bent wood container, this endearing Grodnertal wooden doll looks quite comfortable and very well preserved.  She has a yellow painted tuck comb, black hair trimmed with spiraled wisps of bangs around the forehead, an egg shaped head with all her little painted features placed on the bottom half of her face, typical of these early girls.  Only her nose has some restoration and there are only spots of wear to her fair complexion, while she retains her blushed cheeks and pierced earrings.  Her expression is unusually sweet!
Her body is completely of wood, jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, for full articulation, both her lower arms and legs have finished surfaces, and she has the signature cadmium red painted slippers.  Her clothing is completely original to her 1820's time of production, and consists of a sheer, light lavender on white cotton print dress, with highly puffed upper sleeves that made fashion news around this time.  In addition, her delicate muslin cotton slip and pantaloons are original and all clothing is in very nice condition.

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Early English Wax Angel

Contained in her original wooden box and excelsior is this 8 1/2" peaceful, English poured was angel.  She has glass eyes, human hair, pale complexion with some expected age cracks, and a stuffed cloth body with wax over composition lower arms and legs.
Her fairy-like costume is of an emerald green, starched cotton mesh, with ribbon trim and curled metallic cording making its way around the dress, decorating the skirt, bodice, wings, and encircling her head as a humble halo.  On the inside of the box's lid is some early 19th century provenance with the handwritten date of  Nov. 29, 1829.

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Taufling Body China

Rare Large Size

An already rare doll, the Taufling, or Motchsman body child china becomes almost a fantasy in this larger than large size of 15".  And what's more is the hard to find "Alice" hairdo, making her a museum piece indeed.  Her near-white china continues from her rounded, youthful head, flange neck, lower arms with lovely detailed fingers to her lower legs with realistically molded calves. Then come her china feet that are molded black boots. At her left temple runs a very fine line that is very difficult to see and it also faintly appears across the bridge of the nose.
Her hair, once gold-luster hairband, shy facial painting and shading are neat and understated.  Her shoulderplate and hip section are of paper mache, with the original, cotton-filled linen joints providing ample movement.  There is wear and soiling to these fabric sections, which is to be expected after over 175 years of handling, so there are areas that are fragile or restitched.  Her cotton undergarments, that have some later dated provenance pinned on, and her simple and fine cotton wool dress are accessorized with a beaded shoulder bag that respectfully remains from when she was acquired.

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Royal Portrait in Wax

11 1/2"
Circa 1740.

Probably a depiction of a royal figure or lady of rank in the mid-eighteenth century France, this wax doll mounted on her original wooden platform defies time in its obviously "ancient", but impressive and untouched condition.  Her head, shoulder and chest are all one piece of molded wax, she has dark, pupil-less enamel eyes and her inserted hair seems to be ringlets of horse-hair only one of which is fully intact.  There is wax loss around her eyes and expected cracking from the outward
Her body is cloth over wire armature and her hands of molded wax peak out from her extravagant costume of silks, gilt trims, starched lace and a series of glass pearls that adorn both the garland that she holds and her crown of formed metallic trimmings.   Her skirt width portrays her importance with the silhouette performed by the use of farthingales and abundant fabric.  She even retains her petticoat and some early pins that are lodged in and around her costume to hold things in place.  Lastly, trailing behind her is her original, chocolate silk train with a cream linen edging that may have been once covered with decoration.  A dome would be a perfect home for her.

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