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Nelling, Inc.

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Dress Hat
Best for a 17"-18" fashion doll, this is a cotton dress in a pink and white stripe and print pattern, made so expertly with antique fabrics.  The billed straw hat is antique and also available, as well at the antique white blouse underneath.
 Dress $950.   Hat $425.   Blouse $125.


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 Two-Piece Suit in White Pique
Also for a 17"-18" fashion doll, an early, antique two-piece suit of white pique with elongated jacket hem that can button all the way down in front, or just half-way if your doll's figure requires it so.  The  voluminous skirt is raised in the back for a dramatic silhouette.
Suit  $1150.

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Dress Jacket
There is something so crisp and clean about a white cotton dress that can be made an explanation point with just the right accessorizing.  The one-piece dress shown here is a fine white cotton with a faint woven pattern of raised and crossed lines in the weave.  The bodice have a handsome, smocked panel across the front and the sleeves quite perky with their puffed design.  Sold separately is a quilted type, woven wool and cotton jacket that provides warmth and sophistication at the same time, with black velvet trim and elaborate metal buttons.  The complementary, low profile hat for the 17 1/2" lady is shown below.
  Dress is $1000. and jacket is $450.

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Two chapeaus featuring black velvet with two very differing statements.  On the left is a trim pork pie hat that finishes off a conservative dress or outfit with its gray felt crown surrounded by a black velvet band.  It is $295.
The grand chapeau n the right also features mostly black velvet, elevated with a high profile, upward standing brim, adorned with black ostrich feathers.  The brim shows a light surface underneath, covered by black French lace.  This beauty is $495.




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