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Nelling, Inc.

C l o t h i n g

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Wedding Gown and Veil for 18" Fashion Doll

Antique and exquisite cream satin wedding ensemble that includes an intricate, lace embellished jacket with ruching at the front neckline, an impressive skirt with gathered ribbon decoration followed by an elongated train, a sheer, flowing veil and a bouquet of lace and wax flower bulbs that also appear on the hem of the skirt.  The skirt measures 10" from waist to hemline, the waist circumference is almost 8", the shoulders are 4" wide and the sleeves are 6 1/4' from shoulder to wrist.   All for $1200.

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Casual, antique day dress for a day at home in blue and white, heavy cotton ticking stripe.  It has two pockets, and two relaxed ruffles at the hem, with sturdy lace trim on almost all edges. Mother of pear buttons meticulously attached by original seamstress.  From shoulder to front hem 14", waist is approx. 7" around, but adjustable by moving hook.

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An artistic mood is created by this antique, dusty iris silk, two-piece suit that is simple in design, but made to stand out with its brick red velvet and lace trim on both jacket and skirt.  Almost a Bohemian look with its intricate, glistening metal buttons.  The skirt measures 11 1/2" from waistline to hem in front, and waist measures 7".  Shoulder width is 4 1/4".  Condition is good overall, however the skirt's silk has split along a few of the pleats, but for that reason is not too noticeable.  Please see separate listing for hat.

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Opulent Corset
Fashion Slip with Attached Bustle
Pale aqua silk fashion corset with ornate embroidery up and down the front panel, with lace trim rounding the top edge.  4 3/4" long in front, 7-7 1/2" waist.
Also shown is a special fashion petticoat or slip with extra fabric and gathers at the back to accommodate the snapped in bustle, for that extra lift!  Some small rust marks.  9" Front waist to hem, 11" back waist to hem, 7 1/2" waist.

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Antique straw duck bill hat for 17-18" fashion,  covered in ivory lace, trimmed with ruched lavender silk ribbon.  $225.

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Fashion Mob Cap
Antique, made of lightweight muslin cotton, gathered all around the brim for at home or casual wear.  ^" Head circumference, lace trimmed edge.

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Floral Fashion Head Band
Versatile covered wire crown of wax buds and fabric floral accents to fit a variety of fashion doll head sizes in the 12"-18" heights, as it can be easily adjusted.  6"-7" circumference.


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