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Nelling, Inc.

C l o t h i n g

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Huret Era Antique Gown

For 18" Fashion
Black Jet Bead Trim


Perfect for a dramatic entrance, a Huret fashion would look stunning in the fine black silk 1860's gown with full skirt and body hugging bodice that has an expansive front and back collar adorned with applied ropes of black jet trim. To add to the bold effect are the medium length bell sleeves, also having the dangling black jet stone treatment. There is some loss of trim in some areas but the overall look is lovely. Underneath is an antique, abundant half slip. Purchased in Paris!   Measurements: Across shoulders 4", waist 8", shoulder to hem 12 1/2".

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Marked Huret Dress!


Since the Huret name is often associated with certain shades of green, here is a chance to add a marked HURET dress to your special doll's trousseau, in an an appealing shade of leaf green. It is a slightly textured weave of silk with the main part as a one piece dress with full skirt, waist high bodice, puffed sleeves, lace detail and a series of covered buttons on the shoulder and chest area. Over the skirt attaches a robust, ruffled edge peplum that embellishes the look of the garment, while continuing the basic design and color.

The condition is very good, except for the expected fading of the garment on the front side. Under the dress is an added feature, an antique full slip in white cotton to fill out the skirt. Of course Mlle. Huret's skirt can always use more oomph! This silhouette is the beloved enfantine style with the skirt being a bit longer than usual. Possibly made in 1860 depicting a dressy gown for a young debutant. From shoulder to hem, it measure 15, from waist to hem, 10 1/4 and across the back shoulders, 5 1/2. As your can see in the photos, the mark appears on the inside of the bodice.

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Antique Ensemble for French Bebe

for approx. 20" Doll
in Original La Samaritaine Box

$975.  (doll separate)

La Samaritaine Shop has been a part of Paris history since 1870, however by 1890, a change in location and property size saw it blossom into a large thriving department store with a design that reflected the highly artistic Art Nouveau movement. Just about everything could be found at La Samaritaine, just like this box containing a frilly outfit for a 19-20 bebe that included a floral ornament, an opulent silk and lace bonnet and a colorful parasol to accompany the Summer dress and overcoat.

The color scheme is a pale, fresh peachy-pink and the model showing off the ensemble is a 20 Tete Jumeau who is available sold separately. On the lid of the box is the stamp logo for the store that is an illustration of the famous multi-faceted building.  (doll sold separately.)


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