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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Simon Halbig 949 with Closed Mouth


The molding on early Simon Halbig dolls never disappoints, such as with this tall (26") 949 boy with brilliant blue glass eyes, peachy bisque and a closed mouth. The extra molding of features makes one want to keep staring in order to appreciate the depth of the expression. His features are decorated with disciplined skill and with his short blond mohair wig, he is truly a beautiful and handsome fellow.

His fully jointed composition body has the mark of the Simon Halbig/ Heinrick Handwerck collaboration in red ink. The costume he wears is an antique suit of navy velvet with a wooly, plaid vest underneath. His socks are antique, he wears white leather, button up boots, and on his head a antique straw hat with a ribbon around the crown. So well dressed and looking smart!

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Kammer and Reinhart Mold 100

A Huge 19 1/2"
The Kaiser Baby


The birth of the Kammer and Reinhardt prolific line of character babies and toddlers began with this baby...the K*R 100 mold, call the “Kaiser Baby”. They were produced in all sizes and this one is toward the top of the larger size chart at “. The pale bisque head has a solid done with painted hair and the molding of the face is full of character and definition. This is the intaglio eye version with the blue painted eyes, but the doll was also made with glass eyes.

Having the peculiar face of most newborn babies in their first days, this guy exudes a joyous mood that starts with his smiling eyes, folds of laughing cheeks and an open closed mouth in an extreme grin. Let's hope he stays this happy all night! The excellent, five piece composition body has the bent limbs and arms. It looks like the arms have been repainted long ago, and also an area around the neck socket. Just wearing a simple T-shirt fabric, two-piece set and some striped socks, the doll is happy, as you can see. Not much to long for now, except meal time!  

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Schmitt-type German Doll

15 3/4"
For the French Trade


With an extremely French look, this German bisque doll from the Sonneberg region of Germany can easily stand next to an early French Schmitt bebe and call her “sister”. Note the shape of the face, the decoration of the features and the spiral blue eyes so similar to what we would classify as a round-faced Schmitt, from the first production. She has multi-stroke brows and fine painted lashes, with a peach-toned mouth that is outlined on top and botton. Her ash blond, antique mohair wig sends fine wisps of wavy locks around her shoulders and back and she has a closed dome head with molded-in stringing holes.

The wood and composition bodies for these types of German dolls varied immensely, but one common feature would be the straight wrists to imitate those of earlier French bebes. Most of the time there was less chunkiness to the upper limbs and the more time-consuming detail was left for the parts of the doll that were visible when dressed. Her high quality, white pique type early dress has an extended back side to accommodate extra petticoats, she has antique undergarments, shoes and socks, and covers it all with an antique maroon wool coat and antique maroon bonnet with cream silk decorative treatment.

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Kestner 1070 Hilda Baby


Although the “Hilda” mold is not especially rare, it never fails to cause deep appreciation for the incredible and heartwarming molding of this popular character baby. There were two wigged versions and this one, (14") mold number 1070, is the closed dome, molded hair version, that can also accommodate a wig if desired. The outlined, sleep eyes are brown glass with fine, fine painted lashes and multi-stroke brows. The bisque is pale and flawless, with just a line of baked in paint at the mold line of the head. This is something that happens in manufacture and is not a flaw. The mouth is in an open smile of anticipation with two molded teeth behind the top lip.

The molded hair is a gently stroked, light brown paint. In very nice condition is the five-piece Kestner composition body with the signature “left hand out, right hand in” pose for Kestner babies. Dressed in an antique, white cotton baby gown and antique bonnet with lace trim and powder blue silk ties, the baby has a wool slip and diaper underneath plus some knitted yellow booties.

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Kammer and Reinhardt 115A

Adorable Size and Presentation


Adorable dressed as a girl too, the Kammer and Reinhardt 115A is one of the most popular character molds that the company offered, this one having brown glass sleep eyes, light, peachy bisque, an antique, medium brown mohair wig, closed mouth with molded space in between lips, and having a fully jointed K*R composition and wood, slant hip  toddler body with slant hips.

The body finish is even, original and in ultra clean condition. She is at play in her antique, bouncy, blue on white striped cotton dress, with pinafore type bodice, and she has antique undergarments, shoes and socks that have a hint of a blue border. Shall we call her Phillippa instead of Phillip?

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Simon Halbig 1358

Ethnic Character


The brown bisque of this lovely Simon Halbig 1358 character girl is a warm, calming mocha.  In addition, she has rich, brown glass sleep eyes, and open mouth with exotic, full molded lips and four upper teeth. This wonderful character was made in a varying darker skin tones, each one giving this beloved child a different presence.  Her wispy wig is black, curly mohair and is original.

 The fully jointed composition body is nicely matched to the bisque color, in a warm medium brown. The mariner-inspired frock is of a navy/royal linen with a polished finish that has a pleated skirt, lace trim and a multi-colored insert of ruched fabric on the front bodice. Under the skirt is a sewn in, starched organdy pleated slip with lace trim. The dress is in excellent condition and when looking at the workmanship and quality on the inside, it confirms that this dress is from her period of manufacture.

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Simon Halbig Person of the Cloth

14 1/2"
Early Period


In its original holy robes of many layers is this painted eye, Simon Halbig bisque shoulderhead doll with short molded blond hair, painted eyes, cloth body, bisque lower arms and legs. The cloth portion of the right upper arm has had an applied mend to the cloth to avoid loss of sawdust filling.

The robe, tunic and cape of the ensemble is of crème wool, with the cape having an applied crucifix on the back, while the undergarments are of white cotton. From research on white ecclesiastical robes, it can be determined that this may be a habit or robes from the Dominican order. There is one original stocking/slipper remaining, that has been attached to the skirt with a pin.

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Kestner   2 2 1

HUGE  Googly!


Please make way for this phenomenal, 15” Kestner 221 googly who makes a statement without even opening its mouth! What a character with her brown glass, side-glancing sleep eyes, jolly watermelon mouth, and her cherubic, moon-shaped head with fine painting of features. She retains most of her original plaster pate under her original mohair wig of short, blond curls.

At the very top of her forehead is a 1/2” factory red surface line that is really nothing but she wants you to know anyway. And that body! A fully jointed, chubby Kestner toddler body with straight wrists and playfully posed fingers. Her silky cream shift is made of antique material as is her lacy pinafore having a convenient front pocket that carries her vintage teddy bear toy. Check out those ivory leather antique bootines with snap closures and also her flower adorned, fine straw hat.

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Rare Simon Halbig 979


From the earlier production at the Simon Halbig firm comes this important doll (25") with the number 979 incised on the back of her head. Some of this importance is a result of her actual high quality, weight and sturdiness, from her pale, finely featured bisque head, bulbous brown paperweight eyes, open mouth with square cut teeth and original blond mohair wig, to her very French type, heavy composition body with jointed wrists that has a pronounced size derriere for stable sitting positions.  

The robust body is in beautiful, original condition with its varying surface patina. A blue and white checkered, Jumeau-type frock of heavy cotton compliments her French market personality. Antique undergarments, crocheted bonnet crocheted socks and antique leather shoes with “eyelet” cuts above the toes complete her package.  Important French market beauty!

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