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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Carl Bergner Multi-Face Doll

Life brings many moods, even for a small child, so to accommodate the swing of life's daily atmosphere comes this Carl Bergner character doll with three rotating faces.  There is the content grin of the smiling face, the agitated grimace and molded falling tears of the crying face, and relief achieved with the peaceful sleeping face.  The head can be turned by just pushing the face around gently, as the original turning knob on top of the head is not so easy to use.
The smiling and crying face have blue glass inset eyes, while the sleeping face has eyes closed under the resting eyelids.  The shoulder plate is of paper mache or composition and it has cracks on the surface but it is not fragile.  The jointed arms and legs are also of composition with the torso and upper thighs being of a stuffed, heavy muslin when two pull strings that say "mama" still work very well.  The peachy pink dress and matching frilly bonnet are made of antique materials, with the undergarments, stockings and leather shoes all antique.  17" overall from the top of the head casing to the feet.

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Simon Halbig 1329

14 1/2"
Asian Beauty

Exuding a special grace and tranquility, here is one of Simon Halbig's molds that portrays the Asian face with the  molding of her eye cuts, the painting of her features and the slightly warm, olive tone of her flawless bisque.  She has brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, soft shading on her cheeks and pierce ears.  Her original, black human hair wig is braided and pinned into an elaborate, high rolled bun and adorned with Spring cherry blossums.
Her fully jointed composition German body is marked "Germany" on the back lower hip and it too has a soft, golden tone to it, just like the bisque, to mimic the Asian complexion.  The top section of her right arm has wear at the elbow joint. Her sateen Japanese tunic with matching pants is a clear water turquoise and around her shoulders is an accent scarf achieved by adding a band of delicate antique ribbon with a soft. floral motif.  Her shoes are antique simple slippers of red oil cloth.

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Simon Halbig 949 with Closed Mouth      The Judy McDonald Collection

Definitely made for the French market doll trade, this Simon Halbig 949 child (13 3/4") does not fail to impress.  She has intense, blue glass eyes, a closed mouth with pouty, rouged cheeks, lushly painted lashes and brows, pierced ears and an abundant, blond mohair antique wig. She is like that child you know that has those unmistakable, rich molding of features and expression found on this 900 series of Simon Halbig dolls.
Continuing with her French persona, she has a fully jointed, French type body with straight wrists, similar to the body you would find on a Jumeau doll of her time.  Her costume, made of antique lace and fabrics, is bound to get attention at the party with it's opulent design and matching, fancy brimmed, flower adorned chapeau.

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Kestner AT

$5950.  ON HOLD
Shown here is the unmistakable face of the doll made by the Kestner firm, fashioned after the prestigious bebe by Andre Thullier, called the Kestner AT or AT Kestner.  She is 16" tall and is incised with the number 10 on the back of her beautiful head, having vivid blue glass sleep eyes, a closed mouth with accented separation between the lips, a dewy, pale bisque with even shading and meticulously painted lashes and brows.
She has her original plaster pate and over that is her original, blond mohair wig that is full of curls and volume.  Her fully jointed wood and composition body bears the red Kestner stamp on the right back hip and it shows some expected wear at the joints.  Divine is her antique, aquamarine blue silk dress and her antique, frilly lace chapeau which is secured by a silk velvet ribbon that matches the dress.  Undergarments, leather shoes and cotton knit stockings are all antique.  A splendid addition to any collection!

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Simon Halbig 1159 Lady for French Market

A splendid example (20") of the well-loved Simon Halbig lady depicting a woman of the highly energetic period of around 1900, when social roles and rights were starting to go through some important changes.  She emotes confidence with her statuesque posture and the sparkle in her blue glass sleep eyes with real hair eyelashes, open mouth about to speak, her pale, luminescent bisque and her original wig of freely tousled and pinned, blond mohair. 
Having a shapely, fully jointed composition body, she takes it further with the fact that it is a marked Jumeau body, telling us she was specially marketed through the French trade. From her antique, multi-layer undergarments out to her bouncy one-piece dress of cotton and inserted lace that puffs outward at the shoulders and arms and hemline, she is a delight.  A frilly cotton and lace bonnet repeats the effect.

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Kammer & Reinhardt "Marie"

13 1/2"
The Judy McDonald Collection

So nice to find a K*R "Marie" 101 character mold in its fully original presentation like this one.  She has blue painted eyes, soft shading of her cheeks and lovely shaped closed lips with bisque molding that is sharp and looks "first out of the mold".  The wears her original, sandy brown mohair wig in braided pig tails that are wrapped into side buns.
Her fully jointed composition body is in excellent condition with original finish and has jointed wrists.  This is how she has been dressed since she first left the factory, in her original outfit from a region in Germany that includes a crisp, white cotton blouse, navy blue wool skirt, a red wool vest that sports six gold-toned buttons on the front panel and a  wool apron in coordinating vibrant stripes.  Her original floral neck scarf has some tears, her German leather shoes are antique as are her undergarments.  From the long-loved collection of  Judy McDonald.

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Heubach 6970 Character      The Judy McDonald Collection

Gebruder Heubach's talent for creating countless dolls with character faces was even more special due to the fact that they all differed in both extreme and subtle ways, each supplying new little child to become acquainted with.  This wise little 6970 (13 1/2") has soft blue glass sleep eyes, short strokes of warm brown brows, a closed mouth, an original looking, human hair wig of coiled braids, and warmly toned, smooth bisque for a special cozy presence.
Her fully jointed German composition body is quite nice, has strong and stout child proportions, and it bears the red ink Holtz Maas stamp on the top right shoulder blade.  Heubach dolls are know to come on a multitude of body types and levels of quality so it is great to come upon this character on such a top grade body.  Her heavy cotton antique frock with a red trimmed belt and embroidery is so perfect on her and she has antique undergarments and antique luggage color leather shoes.  From the long-loved collection of  Judy McDonald.

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Heubach 7247 Character       The Judy McDonald Collection

The 7247 Gebruder Heubach character (13") has somewhat of a "dreamy" look about her with her  gentle blue glass sleep eyes set in almond-shaped sockets that are relaxed in expression, soft brown brow strokes, a closed mouth with accent line and petal pale bisque having gently rouged cheeks.  She wears a lightest ash blond mohair wig that is a replacement, making her what we sometimes call a "towhead".
Her fully jointed German composition body is of very high quality with very little wear.  She seems to want to dance in her antique, pink and white tiny print frock with full skirt and an starched organza pinafore with eyelet detail.  On her head is a flower-adorned, older straw bonnet, her undergarments all antique and her shoes are vintage, cream fabric with ribbon ankle ties.  From the long-loved collection of  Judy McDonald.

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Kestner 172

Gibson Girl

The Kestner "Gibson Girl" mold 172 appears again with her Turn of the Century attitude and confident pose.  Her pale bisque shoulder head has an angular face that is tilted up, just like the ladies in the drawings of Charles Dana Gibson during that time.  She has blue glass sleep eyes, a closed mouth that wants to give its opinion at any moment, and her original brunette mohair wig in the famoud Gibson up-do.
Her fine, rivet jointed leather body, a standard of Kestner is in excellent condition with lower arms of bisque and joints at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.  Her satin party dress is made of antique fabrics and trim, and her cotton undergarments a quite deluxe with pantaloons, an opulent half-slip and a camisole padded in just the right places.

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Simon Halbig Early Boy and Girl

$2275. for the pair
A delightful pair of early Simon Halbig bisque dolls (9 1/2") with molded blond hair, glass eyes, very pale complexion with soft shading and decoration, bisque lower arms and linen bodies that are jointed at the shoulders, hips and knees.  Both in regional costumes of Germany, the girl has brown glass eyes and the boy's eyes are a vibrant cobalt blue.  The girl wears her elaborate head dress, the costumes are mostly bright and in good condition, however the back of the girl's purple skirt has faded considerably and there are vertical slits on the left side of the skirt. 

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Supreme Kestner 128 with Closed Mouth       The Judy McDonald Collection

A great doll should have a great hat, and that is certainly the case here with this 24" Kestner 128, harder to find mold. But first, let's talk about her exquisite Kestner 128 head with pale and even bisque, warm brown glass sleep eyes, closed mouth with a slight pout, lush painted lashes and brows and her excellent, original blond wig of full, shoulder-length curls.  She is spellbinding in that it's hard to take your eyes off of her in person, if not in her photos.
Her fully jointed Kestner composition body is in excellent condition and has the coveted, red "Excelsior" Kestner stamp on the upper back hip.  Topping off her flowing antique dress of cotton and lace inserts with. is her high quality, antique bonnet of brown woven fine straw with sienna brown velvet detail surrounding the crown and long, ribbon ties for the making of an impressive, big bow!  It is awesome in the true meaning of the word and she deserves it.  She also has coordinating brown ribbon ties in her hair, her undergarments are all antique as are her dark leather shoes.  From the long-loved collection of  Judy McDonald.

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Kestner 129 Child       The Judy McDonald Collection

In her original costume and undergarments, we have quite a luxurious, rarer 129 mold Kestner girl (20").  Only her replaced blond mohair wig is not antique or original.  She has the typical, top quality bisque of a Kestner child, that is pale and smooth, with brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, and meticulous painting of lashes, brows, lips and shaded cheeks.
Her fully jointed composition Kestner body is exquisite in detail and condition and on the back right hip is the stamped, red ink mark "Excelsior DRF No 7b685 Germany".  Starting with the undergarments, they are factory-made of white cotton with slip and pantaloons having the exact, same lace trim.  The low waist dress looks also to be a factory original garment, with abundant, delicate inserted lace and a ruffled, lace-trimmed hem.  Lastly, after the antique German leather shoes, please note the original, high stockings that are attached to the waist, as they always have been, with support straps that seem to have never been off her!

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