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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Rare Kley and Hahn 525

Handsome and endearing molding are just the beginning with this sought after Kley and Hahn character boy, a 19" number 525.  He has pale blue painted eyes, encircled by lifelike molding, soft painting and shading of his pale bisque, a full, wide, closed mouth, with beautifully sculpted ears and brush stroked, light brown hair.  The expertise of the Kley and Hahn artists shines in this almost human child.
He has a superb, fully jointed body with jointed wrists, marked between the shoulder blades with the word "Germany" and it allows for all kinds of playtime poses.  His two-piece knit outfit with matching cap is most probably original, and he even has a cotton knit tee shirt and fine cotton bloomers.  His knit socks match his costume and even the ties of his leather shoes match the crocheted tie that secures his wide collar.  He lived at the Legacy Doll Museum in Billings, Montana.

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Rare Simon Halbig 150 Character

Produced at the same time, and seeming to be related to the rare Kammer and Reinhardt characters of the early 1900's, the very hard to find 150 mold (15") from Simon Halbig is surely an exciting acquisition.  The lifelike character of his facial molding and decoration is a testament to the German doll market reaching new and heightened stature in the production of superb dolls.  The decades of successfully adopting and producing wonderful French-type dolls reached their pivotal crest with the introcuction of these human-like, lovable children.
This boy in his completely original Scottish kilt, complete with fur covered sporran, fills every wish for genuine presentation and his coloring is part of the reason.  He glows with the rosy bisque color, blushed cheeks chilled by the cold air of Northern Scotland, closed full lips, and original red mohair wig of short, ginger curls.  His body had never seen the light of day since he was made, as it is permanently sewn around him, never to be removed for fear of unsettling his complete originality.  The black velvet and plaid wool of his Stewart tartan costume are in excellent condition and he even has a four legged Scotty companion by his side.

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  So Rare, Heubach Googly 310


Whether this rare character (14") is an accomplished addition to your googly collection, or if it is the only googly you ever own, it guarantees to supply a huge amount of happiness to the room.  Ernst Heubach mold 310 is very seldom found and it shares some endearing qualities to other googlies, while having a very special something all its own.  The longer you look, the more you see!

  Dressed as a boy of the Edwardian period, this guy has a stationaery shoulderhead with huge, brown glass, side-glancing eyes, a watermelon smile, peachy bisque and whimsical short stroke brows, along with a mohair bobbed wig of medium auburn brown.  The body is a high quality, riveted leather body with great, fluid, Kestner-like jointing and bisque lower arms and hands.  The vintage wool beret and antique, coordinating cotton separates create a fun outfit for playtime or the seaside.

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Kammer and Reinhardt


K*R beloved mold 101 German character called “Marie” with excellent molding, painted blue eyes, even and smooth bisque, original blond mohair wig and fully jointed composition body with “Handwerck” mark in red on the rear right hip.  There is some wear to the hands and the body has lost most of its original varnish, but the overall condition is very nice, with the typical soft, pink patina still glowing. Her antique white outfit is of superb quality, with the undergarments being just as lovely as the dress.  Antique leather shoes and socks, and a flowery antique straw bonnet accessorizes her.

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Kammer and Reinhardt 101

A very soulful example of the K*R 101 mold, or "Marie" as she is known, due to her unusual brown painted eyes.  She is a serious girl with her full and pouty lips, a popular persona of the early 1900 Kammer and Reinhardt character children, who were actual sculpted portraits of real children in the family.  Her coloring is strong and even with a pink tinge and she has an antique, rusty brunette wig that hat lots of volume and length.  15" Tall.

Her K*R wood and composition body is in wonderful original condition and fully jointed.  Her white cotton dress with lace inserts, cotton undergarments, and caramel colored leather shoes are all antique.  She like to add some extra flavor by flaunting her blue and white striped antique stockings!

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Super Rare Heubach "Singing Girl"


This gentle face with open/closed mouth, molded teeth, blue, side-glancing painted eyes, abundant molded curls in a molded pink hair ribbon is the Heubach 7851 shoulder head version of the "Singing Girl". The socket head of this mold bears the number 7764 however both numbers are difficult to find in reference or price books.  Both versions fetch extremely high prices when a listing can be found, so this girl is a nice opportunity!  Her leather body is in factory clean condition with riveted joints, stitched toes and  bisque hands with the left thumb being repaired.  Her underwear has that original feel and fit, as does her antique organdy dress with pastel stitched trim and well fitting, black leather shoes with ankle straps.

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K * R Mold 109

10 1/2"

One of the rare molds from the Kammer and Reinhardt line of characters is the 109 or "Elise", as she is named.  Normally much more expensive than this example, we see here an opportunity to own one for much less due to a repair to the full neck area of the bisque.  It is not possible to see the extent of the damage or repair, just the shadow from the paint that covers it.  For display, the only thing that shows is her lovely, intelligent face with softly carved character.
Slightly side-glancing, blue painted eyes, a rosy closed mouth, softly shaded cheeks and an antique wig of platinum blond mohair make her the epitome of a beautiful German child that we know and love.  Her impeccable, fully jointed body has the signature K*R pink complexion and fine movement.  Her antique dress of floral print cotton with bold, black velvet trim is appropriate for school or leisure time, as are her crochet antique stockings and caramel leather, ankle strap shoes that are a bit small for her. Time to go shopping!

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