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C l o t h   D o l l s

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Another French Leather Baby

I also pulled this beloved French leather baby (5") from my personal collection, and as you can see, the character style is entirely different from the doll above.  For those who collect these dolls, there are certainly a few distinct looks, probably by different artists at the time.  This infant has some crimping of the face that could have been caused by moisture over the decades, or possibly the piece of leather used had that inherent texture.
 Made ca. 1920 of leather with pressed facial features on a swivel head that looks to have been re-secured inside, impasto painted blonde hair, oil painted complexion and facial features, and bent limb body with jointing at shoulders and hips.  The antique gown and underwear are of a diaphanous organdy fabric, while the vintage bonnet is crocheted.  On the lower back of the head, there is a gap where the leather slightly separated and hardened at time of making.  Both babies are shown in the one photo enjoying a stroll in the Marklin carriage being sold separately on the Accessories Page.

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Lenci Girl

Northern Italy

Depicting a girl in costume from the northern Italian region of Castelrotto comes this 18" Lenci 300 series doll, made in approximately 1930.  Her black felt original costume is in very good condition (a few small holes) and has two factory tags still attached on the lower back of the skirt.  Her face is also in very good condition with a tinge of overall slight dust, and she has light blue painted, side glancing eyes and sunny blond hair pulled back in a snood.  Under her arm is her original, colorful painted barrel made of wood and she retains her original white leather slippers.

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Lenci Girl of Torino, Italy

An all original Lenci child with the heart-shaped tag that signifies production from the 1940's, this sweet girl (16")wears the costume of the northern region of "Torino" on that tag, that also bears her name "Giaccometta".  She also has her square white cardboard Lenci tag with green lettering.  Her molded felt face has light blue painted eyes, rouged cheeks, a two-toned mouth and sewn-in hair of curly, blond hair.
Her stuffed felt body is jointed at the shoulders and the hips and she wears a rich, deep green two-piece felt suit, and eyelet shawl with organdy ruffled edge that is repeated on her apron with the addition of appliqued colorful flowers.  Her dramatic, high profile bonnet of heavy cotton is covered in starched and ruffled organdy, with a black velvet ribbon encircling the head.  In her basket accessory is her gathering of fuchsia and white felt flowers.  On the back of her skirt there are two small mothholes.

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Lenci Girl


Costume of Piemonte, Italy

With an all original costume depicting a girl from the extreme north of Italy, we have a vibrantly dressed Lenci doll with her heart-shaped tag reading her name "Cervinia" and her region "Piemonte".  Made in the 1940's, she also retains her white cardboard Lenci square tag with green lettering.  She has a molded felt face with grey-green painted eyes, blond curly sewn in mohair wig, and jointing at the shoulders and hips of her stuffed felt body.  Her costume and head piece of red and black felt scattered with felt flower appliques is free of motholes, however her silk shawl and apron has melting mostly on the apron and  wide ribbons that tie in the back. She is accessorized with a wooden staff mounted with colorful felt flowers that are also found on the side of her bonnet.

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Trio of Rare K*R Cloth Caricatures

  The German firm of Kammer and Reinhardt proved their versatility over their many decades of doll production, using composition, bisque and celluloid in their repertoire. In 1912, this entertaining series of cloth comic characters was introduced and few survived the elements of time, weather and storage.
We have here three individuals, each with his own personality, including a stout character who is either whistling or missing his cigarette, a tall, ginger haired gentleman who is indeed smoking, and a shorter member of the group who is also smoking, is holding his fabric flower bouquet and has a fur muff around his neck.  All three are dressed in varying masculine costumes in felt and cotton, each wearing a matching hat.
  Quite appealing is that the are fortified under their stuffing with wire armatures and their wooden feet are amusingly a bit oversized, providing extra stability and balance for stand-free displaying possibilities.  Condition is original and very good for these hard to find examples from K*R.  Tallest is 13", shorter are 12".


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