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Nelling, Inc.

A c c e s s o r i e s

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8" Long  x 3" Wide

A perfect and so desirable display piece for many types of dolls in your collection!  Marklin made metal toys such as trains, chairs, beds and buggies to name a few and to find one in this nice condition is always a treat. The metal is of a nice heavy grade, is painted cream on the outside with the classic floral scroll decoration, heavy metal wheels with spokes and is painted a vivid turquoise on the inside.  The retractable cover has been expertly recovered with antique fabric and the overall condition is excellent with a lovely original finish and petina.  Put this next to your all bisques, lay a baby in it with linens, or in front of a fashion doll..the ideas keep coming!

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, Jumeau Marked Parasol

With the Jumeau name embossed around the base of the brass hound's head perched on its handle, this smart looking doll parasol takes on a special meaning all its own!  It is a 14 3/4" tall parasol, perfect to display with your bebe or very large fashion doll, with a wooden shaft, metal frame, silk original cover and tassel, and metal tip.  It is in fine condition except for one slit in the cover, so therefore I hesitate of open it 100% for fear of causing more.  It opens nicely enough as you see in the photos. 

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Crystal Bead Fashion Doll Chandelier

The beauty of accessorizing for antique dolls is that there is a lot of play allowed in proportions, where an item like this bead and crystal chandelier can be put with dolls of various sizes, still being visibly correct. At approximately 6" tall, it could be a delicate lighting fixture for your fashion's dining or bedroom setting, all the way to a dramatic statement of opulence hanging by your grouping of well heeled mignonettes.  The detailed, flowing metal frame  has four pliable metal candleholders, and strands of blue and cream glass beading, punctuated with numerous crystal drops below.  Fun and surprisingly easy to find a place for!

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Fashion Parasol

7 1/2" long (incl. finial)
French Blue Silk

A fashion doll sized parasol in vibrant, French blue silk, a very popular color in accessorizing  French ensembles of the 19th century.  This one held its color well, and the hood is extremely strong with no fraying or holes.  The handle, finial and frame tip covers are of carved bone, the shaft is metal and the open/close latch is working nicely.

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4" long, 2 1/3" wide, 2 3/8" tall
Superb Condition

Rarely found in this complete and preserved condition is this French fashion necessaire, a handsome case that holds numerous toiletries and grooming items for travel.  Covered in vibrant "French" blue, it has a perfectly operating rotating metal latch and is divided into several inner compartments and leather fittings to secure all its useful occupants during the trip on a bumpy trail.

The list of items:  Antique bone and ivory grooming tools including a hair comb, lice comb, toothbrush, hairbrush, clothes brush and shoe horn. Continuing with a paper edged mirror, a sponge, paper covered delicate soap, another kind of more hearty soap, a bottle of tonic, cheek powder and a bone handled, eider down powder puff resting in a glass receptacle with ornate, pressed silver lid.  The underside of the hump backed lid is covered in silk moire fabric, with the main body of the inside covered in a semi-gloss paper...all being original.  Exciting to see!

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Fashion Etui
3 1/2" wide, 2 1/8" diameter
Deluxe Sewing Case

While on a journey, long or short, things tend to require a quick mending.  Therefore a traveling sewing kit or, in French, etui, is a necessary tool chest to include on the packing list.  This one has a footed, cylindrical metal frame, opens like a chest in the center, and is covered in decorated leather. 

It has two silk-lined  inner compartments, the top one with the pivoting divider having leather fittings to place and carry several sewing implements, with the lower compartment leaving room for other accessories like thread, needles, thimble, a pin cushion and remnants. It has a working snapping clasp and a leather handle that is worn from prior travel.

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Huret Inspired Parasol

7 3/8" long (incl. finial)
Antique and Very Well Preserved


With many new reproductions seen on today's market, it is a treat to find the actual antique item as it originally was, as is the case with this Huret type parasol.  The hood is in a small plaid silk, with long, frilly double fringe, a metal shaft and carved bone covered handle and finial with also a bone hoop. The is no marking on the parasol, however in style and quality, it follows the design features of those marketed from the Huret factory when it was made in the mid 1800's. The condition and workings of this smart looking accessory are excellent.

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French Fashion-Sized
 Writing Desk
In the perfect size for your French fashion, this Papeterie provides a huge collection of writing materials and tools for the traditional form of communication called letter writing. There are plain, monogrammed and decorated sheets of paper, envelopes and note cards in varying sizes, with some of the letters already written and envelopes addressed in black ink with a quill pen like the ones included. 

In addition to numerous oval and round, decorative adhesive labels, there is a tiny roll of gold paper, and some scalloped-edge blotters. The pens, letter openers, wax seal press, and a ruler are all secured to the inside door of the storage container with a strap of red leather.  The wooden box is also covered in deep red leather with "Papeterie" inscribed in gold ink on the outside of the latched door.  The inside offers several dividers and compartments for organizing and storing all the desk supplies.  Truly a deluxe setup.

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Fashion Powder Puff $95.00

A tiny cloud of eider down feathers surrounding a miniature bone ring, tied up with a piece of ivory silk ribbon make for an antique powder puff that can surely be a welcome member of a fashion lady’s trousseau or dresser top.  Dainty in size, the puff is roughly 1 ˝” – 2” in diameter, depending on the breeze. 

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ashion Hammock

For a Nap in the Garden

With the breeze blowing and the birds chirping, the busy Victorian lady can not resist a little relaxation in her garden, suspended on her woven hammock.  Its loosely woven netting is mounted on cotton cord straps with metal hoops for attachment, and it is accented with tassels of richly colored yarn.   For the girl with everything, the woven area measures approx. 17" long, with the width very flexible as needed.  (Doll and props not included)

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Miniature Chess Set $495.
What a joy to offer this wonderful and unusual fashion accessory that adds depth and amusement to any display or trousseau.  It is is a miniature chess set of excellent quality and workmanship, from the carved bone game pieces including all Pawns, Rooks, Bishops, Knights, Queens and Kings, to the inlaid wood game board that folds in half to become storage for the game pieces.  One of the white pawns has been repaired at the middle.  Extraordinary conversation piece for your special doll vignette.  The game board measures 4 3/8" long and wide, when opened it is 1" thick and when closed, 2" thick.

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