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Nelling, Inc.

A c c e s s o r i e s

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Be sure to check the CLOTHING page for available dresses and accessories for your fashion!


Petite Parasol in Original Box

Contained safely in its original, paper covered cardboard container with gold edging, is this 7" French fashion parasol, perfect for dolls of 14" to 18".  The silk color is a dark, midnight navy and the frame is metal, with each spoke having a bone tip at the end.  The handle and the finial of the parasol are also made of bone and there is a chain attached to the handle for easy carrying.  The end of the container box is damaged, but structurally it is in strong condition, and underneath is something written with ink in French.  Missing on the parasol is the strip of silk that would encircle it when closed, and latch on to the pearl button on the outside.

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Impressive Artisan Doll Muff

and Cylindrical Container
...in the Huret Style


Included in your fashion doll's trousseau should be at least one muff to dress up an outfit and keep the hands warm at the same time. This one, although not antique, is quite special and in style of a Huret accessory, especially as it is contained in a Huret green, paper covered cylinder box. The muff itself is covered completely in real bird feathers and hangs from a cord for easy transport. The box is 3 long with a diameter of 2 1/4, where the muff fits perfectly inside.

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Miniature French Rosary

8 1/8" laid flat
In Receptacle

In its own black leather covered, cylindrical storage case, we find an antique miniature French rosary of black glass beads with silver metal crucifix and links.   The case also has a pressed silver embellishment mounted atop the lid.  Something quite often found in the collection of belongings of a reverent French fashion.  The diameter of the case is 1 3/8".

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French Hatbox
5 1/2" L  x  3 5/8" W  x  3 1/4" T
Huret Type Green

In that green we love so much, because it reminds us of the luscious color associated with Huret accessories, we have an antique, oval French fashion box.  It is of white cardboard covered in a garden green paper with gold edging, and has its original paper label from a Paris establishment called "Judith Barbier".  The original green ribbon handle remains as well as some of the original tissue that is discolored. 

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Petite Parasol

What we look for to accessorize our fine, early fashions are smaller (7 1/2") sized French parasols, preferably of silk with bone handle and finial, and trimmed all around with some soft, French lace. Perfect size for your 18" or so French fashion, with its original dark royal blue silk cover that has a highlighted pattern flowing throw the weave.  One of the metal spokes are broken causing a structural irregularity, but can be easily camouflaged with correct posing as shown in the photos.

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Art Nouveau Hand Mirror
In lovely condition is this gold-tone metal hand mirror from the 1890's, representing the forward, Art Nouveau movement of that time.  The mirror is beveled, it is 2 3/8" in diameter and 4 7/8" long.

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French Salon Dog

Greatly resembling a chow breed dog and probably 19th century, French-made,  this loyal canine has real black fur over a paper mache body, with fabric covered wood legs and a very bushy tail.  The eyes are of amber glass with a black pupil, the mouth is open with tongue wagging, and the suede ears stand up on the top of the head.  This robust hound is 8"tall at the head and from nose to rear measures 7 1/2", not counting the tail.

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French Salon Dogs

Each   $495.
The breed represented by these two puffy canines leans towards Papillon, however Chow, Pommeranean, and Maltese could get some votes as well.  The caffe late colored canine is 5 1/2" tall at the head and 4" in body length not counting the tale, Hi white furry companion is 5" tall and 4" in body length, not counting the equally bushy tail.  Both of them would be so fitting standing next to a French fashion, but they are willing to separate if need be.

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, French Salon Dog

 For your fashion dolls and small bebes, this healthy salon dog provides companionship to the dolls and depth to your display. Made of paper mache and covered with rabbit hair, this hound has an unusually robust physique and is positioned in an alert, reclining pose.  The eyes are glass and the mouth open with a red felt tongue, and not counting the bushy tail, the length from tip of nose to rear is 9".  Very clean condition.

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Unique Bone Inkwell

Fashion Doll Size
with Crystal Reflecting Globe

An elegant French accessory for your fashion doll setting, a highly carved and detailed bone inkwell whose base detaches from the decorative back the provides support hooks for the real feather pen to rest.  On the base is a carved cavity where the glass, screw-top ink bottle rests and mounted on the back is a whimsical half-orb that reflects the surroundings. Approximately 2 1/4" tall.

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Diminutive French Borzoi Hounds

Larger  $295.    Smaller  $225.
Serving as companions to smaller fashion dolls or even mignonettes are these two Borzoi Hounds in rarer grey tones.  The larger is 5" tall and 5" from nose to rear, not counting tail, and the smaller is 3 1/2" tall and 3 3/8" nose to rear also not counting the tale.  Both are of fur- covered paper mache, the legs are fabric covered wood, and the eyes are glass beads. Both have floppy fabric ears.  Sold separately.

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, French Hatbox with Hat Included

Sweet antique cardboard hatbox, covered in paper with a violet motif, and the French manufacturer's name printed in gold across the flowers and across a label on the top.  Inside the box is a vintage straw fashion or mignonette hat adorned with millinery violets.  It measures

s s s    

Early, Huret Type Hatbox


A handsome hatbox that would serve well for a male or female fashion doll that is similar to the types made around the 1860 Huret period.  It s strong cardboard, covered in a glossy, eggplant colored paper, and it has a leather strap across the top with a snap closing on the side.  There is expected wear to the paper at the edges.  It measures 

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Be sure to check the CLOTHING page for available dresses and accessories for your fashion!


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