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Nelling, Inc.

F u r n i t u r e

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German Toy Piano      The Judy McDonald Collection
Elaborately decorated, and simple at the same time, this doll-sized German toy piano is an endearing accent piece for a doll setting.  It is all of wood, except for the metal hammers for sound, and the front panel has a colorful classic illustration of a group of muses dancing.  Pounding on the keys produces a quite raw and out-of-tune sound, adding to the charm of this humble but decorative piece.  10" L  x  8" T  x   6 3/4" W

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Sleep, Queen Ann Style
What a great piece for your 18th century baby house or early doll settings!  Shown here is an antique wood canopy bed that has been expertly recovered with antique damask fabric in a regal gold, with antique trim and tassels for accents.  There is a bedspread, a long cushion, a fitted canopy cover, and four corners of gathered curtains on all three sides.  The headboard is as high as the canopy and also covered in the same fabric.
Underneath you can see the linen, highly stuffed mattress and the firm fabric slats that hold all in place.  The bed is 8" long, 6" wide, and 8" tall including the cover on top.  What little early wooden dolls would not love to put this in their bedroom and maybe include a furry friend taking a nap?

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French Fashion Chair

13"T  x  6 1/2"W  x  6"D
Faux Bamboo

Perfect for your medium size fashion dolls, this handsome French faux bamboo chair of maple and pine can add dimension to any setting. It is simple, but elegant and the woven seat can accommodate a seat cushion for accent and color.  The seat is 6 1/2" from the ground and it has armrests that provide support for your seated special doll.  

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French Faux Bamboo Cabinet

Serving as a useful storage unit, this French, faux bamboo cabinet is also attractive and unusual with its applied, carved wood clover leaves.  It has a mirrored front door, with the original mirror having discoloration on the surface, two shelves filled with starched linens over cardboard tied with lavender ribbons, and a handy bottom drawer for more storage.  The metal latch works very well and the piece measures 21" tall at the highest point, 10" wide and 5 1/2" deep.  An antique metal talc can sits between the linens on the second shelf.

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French Faux Bamboo Vanity Table

Another faux bamboo example of French fashion doll furniture is this versatile vanity or dressing table with an adjustable mirror mounted on the back wall.  Made of wood, it has detailed edges and legs in the faux bamboo style and the surface is a piece of smooth, white marble to hold accessories and grooming items.  Measurements:  15 1/2" tall to top of mirror, 8 3/4" wide, 5" deep.

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Art Nouveau
Bronze Display Cabinet
Opens on Two Sides!

A French masterpiece in bronze and beveled glass with the fluid, sweeping botanical lines that ruled the art and design world at the end of the 19th century.  The Art Nouveau movement put nature and a human aspect into art, furnishings, fashion, architecture and everyday life, everywhere you looked!  This display cabinet makes for an extraordinary way to show a special collectible like a doll, of course!
And on top of it being just remarkable in design, weight, and workmanship, it has beveled glass doors that open on the front and back.  The front is determined by a higher rise in the ornamental bronze molded detail that sweeps across the top of the piece.  It has raised feet that continue the bold, dramatic design all the way to the inflated bottom edge.  It is 14 1/4" tall overall, 8" wide and 6 1/"deep.  Visiting from the all bisque page is a 7" Sustrac mignonette, not included.

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Shell Covered Furniture

6 1/4"  x  5"  x  3 1/4"
Seaside Whimsy

These decorative pieces, ranging in from the Edwardian to early Victorian periods, are said to have been commercially made souvenirs sold in the port towns of Northern France, Holland and England.  It is also written that they served as "Valentines" that sailors would purchase for their loved ones at home, and also that during that time of great enthusiasm for items covered with shells, the a home hobby was born and lovers of the sea could create these whimsical works of art at home.  This one is actually a box, in the form of a vanity dresser with a diamond-shaped mirror and three faux drawers.  Lined in salmon-colored paper, it serves as an accessory for you doll collection or as a functional mini-storage art box for you as well!


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