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Nelling, Inc.

F u r n i t u r e

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Shell Covered Furniture

6 1/4"  x  5"  x  3 1/4"
Seaside Whimsy

These decorative pieces, ranging in from the Edwardian to early Victorian periods, are said to have been commercially made souvenirs sold in the port towns of Northern France, Holland and England.  It is also written that they served as "Valentines" that sailors would purchase for their loved ones at home, and also that during that time of great enthusiasm for items covered with shells, the a home hobby was born and lovers of the sea could create these whimsical works of art at home.  This one is actually a box, in the form of a vanity dresser with a diamond-shaped mirror and three faux drawers.  Lined in salmon-colored paper, it serves as an accessory for you doll collection or as a functional mini-storage art box for you as well!  

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Early Biedermeir Hall Mirror

Flanked on each side by polished, circular bone columns giving it a palatial feel, shown here is a larger dollhouse sized hall mirror from the Biedermeir period and style.  The mirror, inset into the columns and an arched top, is dingy from time and is original.  The piece has a storage drawer in the base. It measures 12" tall, 2 7/8" deep and would be perfect to display with small, early dolls.

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Huret Inspired French Bed and Accompanying Screen

$1250 for Both Together
A dreamy pair of decorator pieces for the boudoir that offer flexibility in scale for either a fashion doll or small bebe. The French daybed of carefully twisted gold metal that includes a draped canopy hovering above, has the flavor of the much sought after Huret furniture.  Working caster wheels provide nice detail and mobility. Layers of soft, French lace cascade from the upper hook down on to the satin covered mattress and linen covered pillow.  A metal bed warmer waits to do its comforting work.
The two-paneled screen has a wood frame with original olive green paint, and the original, muted peach silk, broidered panels are sweet and understated.  The possibilities are endless for a magical setting for one or many dolls.  The measurements are as follows: Bed -     Screen -

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Doll-sized School Desk $245.
A nostalgic piece of class room furniture for your setting, completely made of wood and perfectly sized for medium sized dolls, is this antique school desk with connecting chair and desktop that includes a built-in storage compartment.  The desk surface includes a groove for securing pencils and other supplies.  At the tallest part, the chair back is 9 3/4", the piece is 10" long from back to front, and 6 3/4" wide.

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Dressing Table

ca. 1870
Marble Top

Useful prop to accent a setting for fashion dolls or small child dolls and to also use to display other accessories.  The veined white marble top, ornate turned wood details, mounted swivel mirror, single front drawer and lower shelf make for a versatile piece that can be useful in the bedroom, dressing room, or bathing room.  From floor to top of mirror frame is 16 3/4", width including handles is 12", and the depth from back to front is 6".  The the dresser set trio is sold separately.

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Biedermeier Daybed $595.
Perfect for a small early doll setting, shown here is a regal wooden daybed of the Biedermeier period, that has its original soft blue silk upholstered mattress and two bumper cushions.  There is some wear to the edges of the pillows, but not substantial enough to warrant any restoration and disrupt the originality.  Measures 9" long,          4 3/8" tall, 4 7/8" wide.

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Early French Brittany Cradle
An antique wooden cradle from the northern region of Brittany in France that is perfect to provide rest for many types of early babies.  It has the typical carved detail and turned wood medallions in the design and is finished with an antique mattress, pillow and sheet cover.  The cradle measures approximately 10 1/2" in length, 5 1/2" in width abd 7 1/4" in height at the longest points of dimension.  Sweet dreams for some lucky infant such as the Motschmann body china seen in one of the photos who can be found in more detail on the Early Dolls page.

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Brittany Chest Versatile Storage
A versatile chest for function and or storage in any room of doll settings that can serve as a linen cabinet, clothing armoire, china or collectible storage and more.  It is of dark wood from Brittany in the northern part of France in a style of furniture that spanned the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries.  First you see the open work with turned wood spokes, an don closer look you notice the etched designs on the top and sides.  It is shown on the top left with just one idea for use.  The piece measures 14" long, 14" tall and 5 1/8" deep.  $295.

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Brittany Table Hidden Compartment

A hidden compartment enhances the possibilities for use of this wonderful Brittany table from the north of France.  The table top slides to the side to reveal a chamber for valuable storage space or for storing something valuable!  The carved detail designs, the turned wood spokes and etched detail are typical of the style and the look is complimentary to many styles of decor.  10" long, 6" tall and 6 1/2" deep.   $195.

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Garden Swing


A day in the garden should always include some carefree activities such as swinging back and forth in the sunshine.  This metal swing from the early 1900's will supply your dolls unlimited playtime and it also makes for an enchanting setting in your collection.  The original paint is in excellent condition with the seat being a pale sea foam green and the support structure a royal blue.  Adorning the top is what looks to be an original crawling vine of ecru fabric flowers and pink diaphanous ribbons.  It stands approximately 18" tall, 7" wide and 6" deep when extended in the open position.  It then can be folded for storage as well!  (Doll shown not included.)


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