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Nelling, Inc.

F u r n i t u r e

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Marked Huret Chair


Sold at time of posting we are showing a very handsome piece of marked Huret furniture, a twisted, gold toned metal chair with original striped upholstery that is pictured in Theimer's Huret book. Last year, we were able to place the matching table from the book in a collection as well.  

Very few of these sought-after representations in miniature, circa1860's home decorating, are readily available. It is always so thrilling to acquire any of them and it is interesting to know that Huret made these same furnishings for their human customers, before they began producing them for the fashion dolls to enjoy.

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Deluxe Table with Hidden Compartment


Antique, dark stained wood compartment table that, when the lid is opened, it reveals an opulently tufted inside storage area for precious things, a mignonette, or grooming essentials.  There is even an oval mirror nestled and secured into the turquoise silk tufting under the lid!  In addition to the two small accessories resting in the cavity, there rests the original key to the compartment.

The legs of the piece are intricately turned wood the table top has carved notch edeges nd there is an additional shelf below for added display or storage. The table is 9 3/4" tall, 8 3/4" wide, and 7" deep and when the top is lifted, the total height opened is 15".

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Antique Miniature Chest

Antique Miniature Armoire

These two lovely wooden furniture pieces can be purchased to use as a set, or can be purchased separately if both are not needed.  The shorter chest has three drawers, is of stained, inlaid wood of alternating colors, that creates an interesting motif on the front and top of the piece.  It was probably made in the late 1800's as a Napoleonic revival piece. 
Chest measures 8 1/4" wide, 6 3/4" tall, and 3 1/2" deep. The armoire measures 15" tall, 8" wide and 4" deep.
The matching armoire has a removable wooden ornamental top piece, a mirrored front door that opens to reveal shelving for storage, and a front bottom drawer for additional space.  The inlaid wood detail of varying colors is the same as that used for the shorter chest above and it is also from the late 1800's.  Neither of the pieces have tongue and groove jointing.

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Sweet Miniature Vanity
7 1/2 W, by 5 1/2" T, by  5" D
Multi-Compartments and Drawers

Here is a miniature wooden vanity table for you smaller dolls that is full of surprises!  Not only does it have a center portion that raises to display the discolored but original mirror, there are hidden compartments on either side of it and additional leaves that can be raised and stored, or opened out to increase the display or work surface.  In addition to three front drawers, there is a hidden front platform to pull out when the extra space is needed.  The right front drawer seems to be stuck in place, so what could be hiding in there?

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Brittany Wooden Chair With Under-seat Compartment

Made in the northern seaside region of France, here is an antique miniature Brittany wooden doll chair that has a hidden compartment under the chair. It is made of carved dark stained oak with a wheel of turned wood spokes inserted for aesthetic design.

It may have also doubled as a potty chair to hide the chamber pot. It works perfectly for storage though! There has been a re-glue to one side of the back support. It measures...and is a great prop for your early dolls.  11 3/4" tall, 6 1/2" wide, 5" deep.

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Exceptional Napoleon III Antique Commode
Perfectly sized for a 17-20" fashion doll, this antique, fine wood French commode is a stand out piece for your luxury doll settings and vignettes, or even as a superb home decor accessory.  Expertly made in the mid-nineteenth century, it is a rich mahogany wood that has three dovetailed drawers, all of which are lined with plush, tufted turquoise silk.  It is in near perfect condition and each of the drawers lock with the original, single key.
On the face of each drawer are mounted two porcelain Limoges plaques, one at each end, that depict outdoor scenes of romantic couples during the eighteenth century.  The six drawer handles and frames surrounding each plaque are of gilt metal hardware and along the sides and back edge of the top surface is a gilt metal raised border.  Just the weight and luxury of this piece of miniature furniture represent its quality and importance as a study of furniture design history.   The measurements are as follows:  13 1/2" wide, 10" tall, 8" deep.

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Antique Dressing Table

Has French Label
Spooled Cromwell Style


To use as a vanity or dressing table for your fashion doll or smaller French bebe, here is a nice antique piece of furniture to enhance your cabinet setting. It is a dark wood such as oak with spool leg detail on both the legs and the posts that hold the original, but dingy, circular, pivoting mirror. The style of furniture was first seen in Northern European countries during the 17th century. It became known as the Cromwell style and although this piece is probably from the mid 19th century, it has an unusually early look to coordinate with various doll era displays. What's nice is that it retains its original French label behind the mirror. The removable marble counter top has a diagonal crack in one corner and is probably a replacement. Attached to the rear front edge is a pressed metal fitting that provides some ornate but subtle detail.  14 3/4" Tall, 9 3/4" Wide, 6" Deep

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Seating for your Petite Dolls

$850. for all

For your small antique doll setting is this fine set of four dining room chairs, finely made of wood, stained in a reddish mahogany finish, and having their original tan fabric seat covers. You could use them singly in a room display for add to them a nice wooden dining room table set with dinner for four. They are probably early 20th century with the following measurements: 7 1/2 tall, 4 3/4 wide. 5 deep with a seat that is 3 1/4 off the ground.

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Rattan and Bamboo

Settee and Chair
Early 20th Century Modern

$475.  the set
Perfect furniture design for your smaller flapper dolls or any dolls depicting the first three decades of the 20th century.  This is when style really took a turn from ornate and luxurious to streamlined and light, often using natural materials like wicker, rattan, straw and bamboo.  The settee and chair are matching and are quite detailed in their simplicity.
Note the artistic design causing the patterns on both the front and the back of the pieces and also notice their excellent condition!  The settee measures  13" wide, 8 1/2" tall up the back, and 8" deep due to the angled back,  while the chair is  7" wide,    9" tall up the back and  7" deep, due to the angled back.  An artistic and versatile design that would blend well with art nouveau, Asian, British Colonial and mid-century motifs to name a few.

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Shell Covered Furniture

6 1/4"  x  5"  x  3 1/4"
Seaside Whimsy

These decorative pieces, ranging in from the Edwardian to early Victorian periods, are said to have been commercially made souvenirs sold in the port towns of Northern France, Holland and England.  It is also written that they served as "Valentines" that sailors would purchase for their loved ones at home, and also that during that time of great enthusiasm for items covered with shells, the a home hobby was born and lovers of the sea could create these whimsical works of art at home.  This one is actually a box, in the form of a vanity dresser with a diamond-shaped mirror and three faux drawers.  Lined in salmon-colored paper, it serves as an accessory for you doll collection or as a functional mini-storage art box for you as well!


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