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M i s c e l l a n e o u s

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Dewees Cochran

Long-legged Girl

The child portrait dolls made by Ella Dewees Cochran have been popular since their original production in the 1930's, having been made of composition and later marketed by the Effanbee company.  After WWII in 1947, she began production of the latex model named "Cindy" having this especially gentle, realistic face with painted features and inset hair.
The body is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips and has lanky, elongated legs and a slim torso and arms.  She wears what appears to be her original, organdy dress with open work and original pantaloons, and her specifically designed and fitted Mary Jane type shoes with white anklet socks.  For fear of damaging the shoes, they have not been removed.  Something fun and different for your collection!

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Vintage Artist Parian Lady

High Quality Craftsmanship

The artist who crafted this parian lady with molded black hair was truly gifted, as until you see the signature on the back of the shoulders (Claremaid  1963), you will be studying her, wondering which antique doll firm may have made her.  Untinted white parian bisque on her face and shoulders with blue painted eyes, soft shading and impeccable artistry make way to notice her pierced ears and her intricate hairdo with a row of black ringlet curls on her forehead to a high up-do in the back and a molded violet hairband with gold accents.  She has a cloth body with posed parian hands and molded shoes that are boots with laces.  Clothing is of antique lace, cotton and silk ribbon.

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Little Henry Paper Doll
ca. 1810
with Book and Sleeve
Incredibly charming, seldom seen collection of paper dolls from the Little Henry and Little Fanny series of 1810, where there is a story about the character told in a bound book of separate poems enclosed in original sleeve (overall wear to book cover and sleeve due to age, but paper dolls excellent).  Rare and vibrant, hand water-colored outfits.
  For each poem that marks an event or era in Little Henry's life, there is a corresponding paper outfit that can be mounted beneath the doll's paper head, making each story come to life!  The rare and precious piece is complete except for one outfit at the end of the story and the sleeve has considerable ink staining on the outside front sleeve, some on the back.  Sleeve measures 5" X 4".

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"Little Pet" Early Paper Doll

  "Little Pet" paper doll, by the Mcloughlin Bros. 24 Beckman St., New York, circa 1859, including one paper doll (3 7/16" tall) and five
two-sided dresses in the original manufacturer's sleeve (missing hat).  It is also printed on front and back, as well as inside the front cover.

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  A charming French store in wood, for play and display of assorted household and kitchen items.  There are labeled drawers, some of which retain their original handles, shelves and window displays to show merchandise, a moveable counter for tending to orders, and even a porcelain neighborhood dog to keep watch.  The original, detachable Epicerie sign runs across the top border.  11" Tall overall, 17 1/2" wide, 6" deep.

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Door of Hope Mission
Bride and Groom

$2250.  ON HOLD
  A lovely pair of Door Hope dolls from the Shanghai mission of the early 1900's, this bride and groom are in original condition with some fading of the gentleman's under tunic which can be seen only when lifting his long jacket.  Both dolls retain their head dresses, with that of the bride being quite spectacular in its colorful pom-pom height.  She has a detailed carved bun on the back of her head, and an ornate silk costume with hand-sewn bead adornments and embroidery.  The groom is 11 1/2" tall while the bride is 11" and both dolls have nicely carved, wooden heads and hands.

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Bubble Cut Barbie in Orig. Box

with Vintage, Custom Knitted, 20-Outfit Wardrobe!

A 1962 Bubble Cut Barbie that is really all about her clothes!  Back in her day, her owner knitted for her an abundant array of ensembles and coordinates, from bathing suits, beach attire, work and play attire, party dresses, skating costumes,  smart travel outfits, and even a floor length garment.
She is shown here modeling some of her collection, and all of it in its entirety can be seen in the group photos.  The doll itself is in fair condition with some green staining around her right ear, and both legs have taken on a slightly moist or sticky quality.  She still has her original box in great condition and black plastic slip-on shoes.

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The Judy McDonald Collection

There is something special about the Madame Alexander "Cissy", as she has an undeniable glamour and importance that is displayed in her sweet and sophisticated face, her statuesque, high-heeled body, and her chic wardrobe from her time of arrival in the 1950's.  She is hard plastic, except for her vinyl arms, she has blue sleep eyes, a clean complexion and honey blond, plentiful hair that has been restyled.
Her tagged, midnight blue outfit is tagged, being a two-piece number that is a full-skirted dress and the matching bolero that falls off the shoulders.  The bolero is tied on with the original knotting and I chose not to try to undo the knot for fear of damaging the garment.  She has her original underpants and crisp net petticoat that fills her flowing skirt.  Also included are her original stockings and black high-heeled shoes.  On top of it all is her faux fur stole, a Madame Alexander cylinder accessory box and a straw had adorned with flowers that look to have been added.  From the long-loved collection of Judy McDonald.


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