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M i s c e l l a n e o u s

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Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplets

11 1/2"
Complete Set of Toddlers


From a huge collection that had many sets of Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplets comes this complete set of all five dolls wearing what appear to be their original outfits and their name pins on their bodices. Any variation found on the doll may have been cause by playing with them, undressing and redressing in the early days.

This set of girls is the composition toddler body version, with five-piece bodies and swivel heads, all of which are wigged. The outfits and bonnets have different levels of dinginess or soiling, due to the fact that they have been stored for decades in a home built in 1912 in Pasadena. California. Some of the dolls are quite loosely strung.

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Fine Porcelain Pin Cushion Lady

10 1/2" tall
Complete with Legs

The Dressel & Kister porcelain factory made high quality half dolls and pin cushion dolls during their 100 year run, finally closing in 1952. This one is most like one of theirs, as the molding, painting, detailing and glazing are meticulously done with the true look of a fine art piece.  Just like the exceptional figurines they produced as well.
This lovely lady is a half doll that includes the porcelain crossed legs to make her whole, and her arms are away from her body, both holding a fan up to her chest area.  She has a tilted head with long, wavy silver/gray curls falling below her shoulders and a salmon colored hair ornament that compliments her organdy costume.  Her style is early 1800's,  although she was probably made around 1900.  She is breathtaking and under the right lighting, quite dramatic!

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Pin Cushion Doll

11" tall
On Stuffed Base



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Schoenhut Child

Carved Hair


Here's a sweet little carved hair Schoenhut child with an endearing and friendly expression. Her bobbed hairdo is painted a pumpkin auburn, she has light, painted brown eyes, a chubby little nose, and painted lips having a row of teeth in between, carved and painted ivory. There is expert, possibly Schoenhut factory paint touch-up to most of her face and neck that is only noticeable when a black light is used. There is also some repaint on her hands that shows up when lit. She has the fully jointed wood body that firmly holds any pose. Her 1920's style clothing is made with older fabrics and she wears vintage socks and antique leatherette shoes.

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French Boy Candy Container

11 1/2"
with Prayer Book and Candle


A diminutive French candy container commemorating an important day. He is a young boy with head of paper mache, with painted features and hair on what looks to be his First Communion or Confirmation Day. Not only is he holding a tiny prayer book or Missalette in his left hand but he is also holding a candle up in his right hand. Hi s costume consists of a white shirt with large rear collar and navy blue wool trousers, with the candy box opening at the waist.

The hands and legs are of paper mache like the head. Usually you see the girl candy containers celebrating these sacraments, so having the boy is quite rare and interesting.

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"Little Pet" Early Paper Doll

  "Little Pet" paper doll, by the Mcloughlin Bros. 24 Beckman St., New York, circa 1859, including one paper doll (3 7/16" tall) and five
two-sided dresses in the original manufacturer's sleeve (missing hat).  It is also printed on front and back, as well as inside the front cover.

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Lovely #3 Vintage Barbie

In Box with her Stuff!


In the ever excelling world of Barbie, whether you may be an aficionado or a novice collector, the top tier of valuable and desirable examples is of course the Nos. 1 and 2. But the No. 3, like this one, is certainly a member of that early, exclusive club due to her importance in the evolution of the doll into the next realm. She looks different with her less exotic application of make-up, however she retains many of the features found on her earlier, more rare and valuable sisters. The body material, hairstyle, hair type, presentation, stand and packaging is still very linked to the No. 2 doll, who is exactly like the No. 1, except for the stand and how it is secured.

After that, many things began to change and the doll continued its expansive journey into the playrooms of girls around the globe. It is nice to find this one in her original “R” marked box that bears her 850 number and the word “Blond” to signify her hair color. She also has her striped bathing suit, her booklet, appropriate early stand, sunglasses, and pair of white, slip-on shoes. Her hair is soft and in nice, abundant condition and her make-up and nails look very good, except for a bit of eyeliner that has rubbed off of the right lid. She has no odor, no green at the ears and needs a pair of earrings. Go Barbie!


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