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Nelling, Inc.

M i s c e l l a n e o u s

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Dolly Dingle Couple $695. the pair
Inspired by the Grace Drayton cartoon series and her Campbell Kids, this jolly pair of composition googlies (7") with swivel necks and arms, and side-glancing glass eyes are called Bobby Blake and Dolly Dingle.  The composition Campbell kids that we normally see with painted eyes were by Horseman, so we can assume the same for these, however they are more animated and with more detailed molding, not to mention the glass eyes.  The molded costumes speak for themselves and the condition of this pair is very good with a few losses of paint spots, but not distracting.

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 Fiori Italian Guard

  The Italian doll manufacturer, Lenci, was so popular and successful starting from the 1920's and into the present, that they inspired countless other companies to produce similar items.  One of them was the Fiori company, whose Lenci-type dolls so closely matched the look and workmanship of the original, that they continue to please and sometimes fool collectors.  This 8 1/2" boy falls into the "Mascotte" and has incredible similarities to his Lenci inspiration.  His black felt Italian Guard uniform is accented with metal buttons and symbols of rank, including his original wooden sword.  Excellent condition, circa 1930's.

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 Fiori Regional Girl

  Another Lenci look-alike from the 1930's Italian firm of Fiori, marked with a sewn on label "Made in Italy" under one of the shoes.  The presentation has all the typical Lenci similarities, with a costume made of organdy with felt accents, felt shoes and hat.  Of course the surprised look of her side-glancing eyes is unmistakably Lenci-inspired.  She is in excellent condition and stands 8" tall, just like her famous Lenci Mascotte family.

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Door of Hope

6" (not counting hat)
Kindergarten Child

   Any of the Door of Hope family in the theme of children are very desirable, and on top of the list is the endearing "Kindergarten Child", shown here in a floral print silk tunic and pants, plus a bonnet that sports three silk pompoms and the classic slippers that mimic either a rabbit or kitten it their whimsical decorations.  The condition of this example is excellent, being free of soil or noticeable fading.

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Door of Hope Mission
Bride and Groom

  A lovely pair of Door Hope dolls from the Shanghai mission of the early 1900's, this bride and groom are in original condition with some fading of the gentleman's under tunic which can be seen only when lifting his long jacket.  Both dolls retain their head dresses, with that of the bride being quite spectacular in its colorful pom-pom height.  She has a detailed carved bun on the back of her head, and an ornate silk costume with hand-sewn bead adornments and embroidery.  The groom is 11 1/2" tall while the bride is 11" and both dolls have nicely carved, wooden heads and hands.

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Door of Hope Woman

Bound Feet


The aristocracy of China would bind the feet of their privileged infants so that, because of their incredibly small, deformed feet in the years to come, they would be dismissed from a life of hard work.  The Door of Hope Mission young girls included this facet of their society in their repertoire of dolls that they tediously dressed and decorated.  This is the seldom seen Door of Hope woman with tiny bound feet (10 1/2"), wearing a simple white cotton tunic and pants, and colorful bound slippers of silk fabric and embroidery (She is missing her over-jacket).  She has a carved bun with gold accents and she has the early style body with cloth hands.  There are a couple of dots of stray black paint on her right cheek, but a face with an especially sweet expression.


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