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F a s h i o n   D o l l s

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Be sure to check the CLOTHING page for available dresses and accessories for your fashion!

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Jumeau Portrait Fashion

All Original

It seems as if the opulent gown worn by this Jumeau portrait lady has never been removed as its fit so precise, removing it would certainly interrupt and damage its original detail and beauty. A peach parfait of fine silk, laces and trim from the shoulders to the floor, then continuing in a long train, could it be from the work of Josephine Jumeau?  Underneath, the multi layers of cotton undergarments encircled with eyelet openwork edging and lace trim all do their part finish and support the garment.  The hat has been added but works very nicely
  She has an all leather body, in excellent condition and firmness, just some discoloration between the legs where a doll stand probably caused some friction with time.  Her bisque head that swivels on her bisque shoulders has an expressive face with pale bisque, brown paperweight eyes, strong ashes and brows, a closed mouth and delicate shading of cheeks, plus  pierced ears and wears her original human hair wig that is swept back behind her straight bangs, then cascades in voluminous curls down to her waist.  Even the fine fitting cotton stockings and mint leather slippers are original to her.  A deluxe addition to your doll family.

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Petite Simone Jumeau

Who is entering the room, turning heads, but this ultra sweet,  11 3/4" Jumeau fashion in near mint condition with her Simone boutique stamp. She has the palest white bisque with blue, spiral enamel eyes, a slightly smiling closed mouth, charming and youthful shading and decoration of features, pierced ears and her elaborately styled, long strawberry blond mohair wig.  Her head swivels on her bisque shoulder plate.
The condition of her full leather body is so clean and sturdy, but at first glance you will notice the complete label from the Simone shop from which she was sold. Both her original, cotton pantaloons and slip have exactly matching lace trim and she wears an antique pair of button up, red leather boots.  Having to cover all this beauty is her firmly woven silk, long sleeve gown that blooms from the waist with a full and rounded long skirt, multi rows of ruching and ruffles, with an added flair of embroidered panels on each side.

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Alt, Beck and Gottschalk Fashion Lady

Made in Germany by the firm of Alt, Beck and Gottschalk comes a young fashion lady (15 1/2") with a grown up sweetness all her own.  Her girlish, round bisque head has blue glass eyes, a closed mouth, a very fair complexion with soft shading and decoration, and antique blond mohair wig in a full, curly style and pierced ears.  She has a swivel neck on a bisque shoulder plate and her all leather body is gusseted at the elbows (patched to reinforce), hips and knees.
Her camisole seems to want to stay on her as it may have been on there from the start, so photos of the body are not completely thorough, however the upper torso is in fine shape.  Her silk and lace gown is quite a remarkable creation with a lush layer of lace ruffles and gathers on the bodice and the front skirt overlay,  and an ecru silk skirt with a flowing train following her.  Topped off with a colorful, antique chapeau of purple velvet, pink and green silk ribbon and some floral accents.

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Francois Gaultier Fashion   The Judy McDonald Collection

What we have here is a very well-heeled French fashion doll from the F.G. firm (18"), whose precision costume of all antique fabrics and trims is made with the same expert construction and stitching of an original garment.  The light grey plaid, silk  flowing skirt and peplum jacket are dressed up with ruffles, trim and ribbon in a scrumptious, warm color that compliments her fire-red, vintage mohair wig.
She has blue enamel eyes, pierced ears, healthy rouged cheeks, and ultra pale bisque of swivel head and shoulder plate that lights up the room.  her all leather, gusseted body is is excellent and clean condition with separate stitched fingers and detailed toes.  Her cotton undergarments are all antique, and the camisole is not easily removed without chance of harming the pristine body.  She sports antique leather boots, cotton stockings, a flower bud-adorned, straw chapeau plus an ornate chatelaine pinned at her waist.  From the long-loved collection of Judy McDonald.

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Barrois Lady

With Wardrobe in Trunk

Modeling her fully antique wardrobe is this early Barrois lady with everything we love about a fashion doll...cobalt blue enamel eyes, early plump, molded face, swivel head on bisque shoulder plate, her original,long and full mohair wig, a fully jointed, leather-covered wood body with bisque lower arms, and a trunk full of versatile, genuine clothing and some accessories. (Her ears are pierced but the original plaster in the head blocks the earring holes.  She also has a small cheek rub on the right side.)
Her most dramatic ensemble is a three-piece outfit in purple silk and velvet, trimmed in black lace and ribbon that will take her to the opera or any grand evening event.  For daytime walks in the park with her bisque spaniel, she can wear her wool, red and black checked skirt and jacket.  A dark brown wool walking suit looks warm and comfortable, especially when worn with a dark silk cape with royal blue wool lining peeking out.
A downtown shopping spree calls for a light wool taupe, buttoned jacket over a matching, voluminous bustled skirt with dramatic train.  And for at home, a comfortable, cream cotton dress with tiny black floral trim is shown as she stands next to her trunk and belongings.  Along with hats, a red leather handbag, some jewelry and bone opera glasses, she has a cozy antique quilt in her French trunk (tray missing from trunk) that she fits in as well!

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Jumeau Fashion in Lavender

Young Portrait Face

Wearing her lavender wool walking suit was expertly made long ago of antique fabrics and trims, with accents of deep iris on both her garment and continued to her floral trimmed chapeau, here stands a confident, young-faced Jumeau portrait fashion. She has deep blue paperweight eyes, pale, smooth bisque, and an antique auburn mohair wig in a smart up-do.
Her bisque head that swivels on her bisque shoulder plate is on her original, sturdy leather body that has separately stitched fingers and is in beautiful condition.  Of special note are her antique crocheted stockings with garters at the knees, and her antique undergarments that include a special half slip that has its own built in bustle for that accentuated silhouette of the time.

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French China Fashion

Sweet Little Sister Size

$3,250.   ON LAYAWAY
It is so tempting to stand this endearing little Barrois fashion next to her big Huret or Rohmer sisters, as she is from the same era and adds another family dimension to the setting. She has a pale, pale china shoulder head with almost cobalt blue enamel eyes, rouged cheeks and a tightly braided and styled brunette human hair wig.  On the upper right cheek there is a miniscule, inherent indentation that happened at the time of manufacture and is not as noticeable as in the close-up photos.
Her arms are also of the same pale china and her firm and clean leather body is jointed at the shoulders, gusseted hips and knees.  She could not be dressed more perfectly in her royal blue wool, antique full dress with black velvet trim that plays off her smart, black velvet cape that has jet beads encircling the neckline, tied with long black silk ribbons and lined in the most darling red, green, white and black plaid wool.  Her black velvet bonnet with french blue accent fabric underneath the wide brim completes the look.  Her antique undergarments are extra special because they have matching trim, she has silky cream stockings and tiny, black leather button-up boots.

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Francois Gaultier in her Finery

$3975.   ON LAYAWAY
In this recently acquired collection, it is clear that the long time collector was attracted to lovely faces, such as this 16" F.G. young lady in her original, two piece wedding gown that, without its elaborate head dress and demure veil, could creatively be accessorized to wear to the ball.  She has a crystal blue gaze from her large enamel eyes, softly detailed facial decoration and shading, pierced ears and an older, medium blond mohair wig with long curls spilling from a soft up-do.
Her super pale bisque swivel head and shoulder plate match her jointed bisque arms having hands with detailed fingers and nails.  Her gusseted leather body is strong and clean.  The satin folds and tucks of her ivory skirt with long train are accented with flower petal-like silk trim showing up around her collar, down her jacket and also on her gorgeous head dress.  Also note her long trained petticoat and separate, bustle of matching pleated, linen-like fabric.  Currently looking for some shoes to wear on her silk-stockinged feet.

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Youthful Terrene French Fashion

Who wouldn't want to welcome this 18", fresh-faced young Jumeau fashion girl into their collection, especially with her rare Terrene type body that is fully jointed.  It gets its name from the patented design that features a leather over wood torso, lovely bisque arms (fingers on left hand have been repaired very nicely) and leather over wood lower legs, with upper legs having loosely attached kid leather over wood. Sometimes called "baggy pants".
She has clear, blue enamel eyes that stand out with black liner, delicately painted lashes and brows, pierced ears that are intricately molded, palest bisque with light shading on her cheeks and a sweet, demure semi-smile.  Her wig is outstanding in its silky, long length of ash blond mohair curls that fall to her waist, past her swivel neck and bisque shoulder plate.  She wears an extra early, soft green, cream and black plaid silk dress in the enfantine silhouette with a small, straw head cap as hair accessory.  Her brown leather, button up boots are antique as are her white cotton undergarments.

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"Cartouche" Jumeau Fashion

To find the incised JUMEAU "Cartouche" mark bebe is almost an impossibility, so when this little 11" child fashion with that very mark on the back of the head was offered from a local, lifetime collection, she was VERY noticed!  As shown in the photo, the mark is incised on her lower back head.  She has unusual brown glass eyes, a closed mouth, pierced ears a swivel neck on bisque shoulder plate and original blond mohair wig.
This little treasure is wearing her original, burgundy silk and velvet walking suit with matching hat, original undergarments and antique, black leather lace-up boots.  Since her costume seems to be so well and originally planted on her, it was not possible to remove it for body shots without damaging it.  The body is a very sturdy, unexposed kid leather with one-piece arms and legs.

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German Bru-like Fashion

Vivid Presence

Such a strong face on this German fashion doll, but that is perfectly in line with the fact that she is an attempt to duplicate the face of the Circle Dot Bru by a factory such as Kuhnlenz.  She has a super pale bisque swivel head on her shoulder plate that has molded breasts and realistic detail.  Her pale blue glass eyes are full of life, as is her closed mouth with molded separation between the lips.  Her ears are pierced and she has dainty bisque hands with detailed painting of her nails and fingers.
  Her gusseted leather body has a considerable amount of wear, stabilized with several patches at the joints where sawdust could leak out.  Her arms have some clear tape reinforcement that is best to leave be, and although she shows signs of play, she is perfectly happy on a stand displaying her richly colored, two piece silk suit of antique fabric.  The lower front panel of the skirt has torn horizontally and needs some subsurface reinforcement.  Note her salmon satin, ruffled underskirt and the dainty eyelet bustle she wears.  Her replaced wig is of auburn mohair and perched on her head is an antique velvet and flower chapeau.

s s s     

Delightful F.G. Young Lady


with Original Wardrobe

Modeling most of her genuine antique wardrobe in these photos is a fresh-faced Gaultier fashion in a sweet, smaller size along with her antique trunk.  It could be her original trunk however that is not easy to determine as are the clothes are unquestionably hers in their fit, feel and style.  There is an additional cotton print dress and other pieces that are not photographed.
, She has pale blue eyes and well defined decoration of features along with her pale bisque, delicate shading, original blond mohair wig and pierced ears.  Her swivel head on bisque shoulder plate is mounted on her original, well preserved kid leather body with gusseted joints and separated fingers.  Her fashion show features a casual and comfortable blue and white plaid linen A-line day dress, a grey-blue silk suit and matching cape with royal blue silk trim (several fragile areas), plus a red wool provincial dress with a black silk apron, all trimmed with black lace.
Another dressy number is her warm brown silk suit trimmed in faded aqua, pleated silk that is repeated under the brim of her grand, matching chapeau.  After that is a simple blue cotton print suit that has a twin garment in brown included in the wardrobe. Accessories included are wooden clogs with red accents, black leather slippers and an added pair of royal blue leather pumps, cotton undergarments and some extra hats.  The trunk has a tray with fabric supports to organize and separate all her belongings.

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Be sure to check the CLOTHING page for available dresses and accessories for your fashion!


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