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F a s h i o n   D o l l s

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, Empress Eugenie and Her Original Trousseau

A fine example of the Smiling Bru  (14 1/2"), or portrait of Empress Eugenie with gray/blue enamel eyes, elongated nose, evident smiling lips that seem to soften her complete expression, pierced ears and an elaborate antique, golden blond mohair wig with abundant, cascading  curls.
, Her super pale bisque head swivels on her bisque shoulder plate and then comes her uniquely Bru, fully jointed wood body including waist, wrists and ankles.  She has an antique outfit for every season, starting with a springy, two piece turquoise silk suit, an Autumn ecru and mustard silk two-piece number with extra detail lacing up the side of the bustle's over-skirt, and  for Summer, a light weight, floral print on white A-line dress that can be worn with her scarlet cape and red accessories.
Finally, a winter couturier number that is said to be an original Bru suit in eggplant silk with metallic and marcasite decoration continuing on a sizable, flowing train. She has lovely undergarments including a long-backed slip and a little corset with red trim. The wood, hump-backed trunk with tray she is stored in is quite special in that it retains its original key.  

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Early Bru-like Fashion with Wood Body



Having everything the advanced French fashion doll collector looks for, this early lady is sure to please. Dating from the late 1860's, she has the rounder, sweet face from this period, similar to that which was used for the early Bru fashion heads, she also has the cobalt blue enamel eyes, pierced ears, and egg-white pale bisque with the most gentle facial decroation and shading. She wears her original, beautifully coiffed and curled, blond mohair wig, has a swivel neck and is marked with a “4” at the top back of her head, denoting this very popular 18” size.

The freedom and versatility of full articulation is enjoyed with her all wood, fully jointed fashion body that is in very nice condition.
One little finger is worn down but it is not visible and one toe has been invisibly re-glued. Her two piece, royal blue silk walking suit is antique, having many appealing details like the white stone buttons in the front and long jacket having decorative fringe and some applied bow detail in the back.

Her antique boots are lovely, being a light suede with turquoise blue accents, her undergarments all antique with even a cloth-ribbed hoop to support the skirt. She wears a feather-adorned antique straw chapeau and because the upper bodice of her silk jacket has some melting in the front, she cleverly wears an antique rabbit fur cream stole with metal closure.

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Francois Gaultier Beauty

French Fashion Lady

Wearing that hypnotic green from the 1870 Victorian period, we have an astonishingly lovely FG fashion lady with bulbous blue glass eye, softly stroked lashes and brows, luminous pale bisque swivel head with soft shading, original blond mohair wig in an intricate braided style, pierced ears, and a bisque shoulder plate incised "3", as is the head.  Her original sturdy body is all of leather.
body pics coming Her richly colored silk walking suit, although faded in areas, is from her period and has opulent layers of ruffles and elongated flounces, adding a special drama to her ensemble.  This beautiful green, which is said to have been stained by using arsenic dye,  is complimented by appearing in the silk plaid trim on her antique chapeau.  Undergarments are all antique as are her leather, button-up  fashion boots.  

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Jumeau Fashion / Twill-over-Wood Body

with Trunk and Wardrobe


Shown here is a delicate example of a Jumeau fashion lady who models some of her smartly styled. antique wardrobe, all of which fits with her in an attractive antique French trunk with a removable tray. She has dreamy, gray blue enamel eyes with subtle painting of lashes and brows, an outlined, rose tinted closed mouth and creamy pale bisque with a hint of rouge coloring on her cheeks.

Her blond mohair wig is antique with a portion of hair giving her braided hairband, and she has pierced ears and a swivel head on her bsique shoulder plate. Her high quality, fully jointed wood body covered in twill fabric is actually the one that should be found on a Simon Halbig early fashion lady. She even has the added articulation of jointed ankles with the twill covering also on her feet. Her lower arms are of pale bisque with long molded fingers, and there is a repair to the left forearm.
Her antique wardroble consists of five, two piece suits, ranging from dramatic black, to several richly toned colors for each mood, to a fresh, Springy pnik number. She has a number of antique hats for accessorizing, antique leather button up boots, and antique undergaments in white cotton. This beloved doll and her trousseau are from a special California collection.

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  Early French Fashion Lady

Smartly Dressed!

Dating from the 1860's the association that the Barrois bisque production had with other factories like Bru is so evident as there is a hint of first generation Bru in the face of this lovely lady.  She may have inspired the look of the first Bru fashions with her gentle, full face with super fine application of features, more so than on the very chubby-faced early Barrois heads.  Her swivel neck head  has moody blue enamel eyes, outlined in fine, black eyeliner and surrounded by pale brown lashes and brows that make her look early and delicate.  Her peachy rose colored lips are accented and painted conservatively inside her lip line. 
She has primly molded, pierced ears and her super pale bisque has a faint wash of cheek color. Her blond mohair wig is antique, tied loosely in a rear bun with braids encircling the front.  Her body is completely of kid leather and in very sturdy, and clean condition, with the upper torso visible by lifting her chemise.  Of great attraction is her very smart, wheat colored silk antique gown with reserved, but very dramatic impact due to the use of vivid color, pattern and detailed trim as embellishments.  Even the pillbox hat in coordinating fabric, trim and color she wears demands the same attention!  Undergarments and boots are all antique.

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Petite Gaultier Fashion in Ceremonial Costume


At only 11” this Francois Gaultier fashion is fresh from Paris and making an astonishing impact due to her fully original and detailed wedding or communion costume that has a provincial feel to its design. Her petite but powerful visage has enormous blue enamel eyes, lush lashes and multi-stroke brows, a closed mouth with accent line between the lips and pale bisque that is a swivel head on a bisque shoulder plate. She has her original blond mohair wig peeking out from under her dramatic head dress of lace, net, silk ribbon and flowers of fabric and wax.

This ceremonial theme is continued with her starched organdy and shining satin, calf-length gown with lace, ribbon and floral detail, and she wears her original cream cotton stockings with ivory leather slippers. Her never undressed body is of firm and clean kid leather that is jointed at the shoulders and her vivid jewelry consists of turquois glass bead earrings and a matching pin of turquoise beads at her collar line.

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Francois Gaultier in her Finery

From a local important collection, it is clear that the long time collector was attracted to lovely faces, such as this 16" F.G. young lady in her original, two piece wedding gown that, without its elaborate head dress and demure veil, could creatively be accessorized to wear to the ball.  She has a crystal blue gaze from her large enamel eyes, softly detailed facial decoration and shading, pierced ears and an older, medium blond mohair wig with long curls spilling from a soft up-do.
Her super pale bisque swivel head and shoulder plate match her jointed bisque arms having hands with detailed fingers and nails.  Her gusseted leather body is strong and clean.  The satin folds and tucks of her ivory skirt with long train are accented with flower petal-like silk trim showing up around her collar, down her jacket and also on her gorgeous head dress.  Also note her long trained petticoat and separate, bustle of matching pleated, linen-like fabric.  Currently looking for some shoes to wear on her silk-stockinged feet.

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Superb "Lily" Poupee with Label


From a private collection in California, we have a lovely early Francois Gaultier Lily (18"), swivel neck fashion, with her fully jointed, leather over wood body, having beautifully sculpted bisque lower arms, hands, lower legs and feet. She has hauting, silvery blue enamel eyes, eggshell white bisque, slightly dramatic painting of lashes and brows, the FG “bee-sting” painted lips, pierced ears and a loosely styled, abundant and curly, antique mohair wig.

The Lily label on her chest is very intact, showing the boutique name, “A La Poupee de Nuremburg”, the shop address in Paris, and the Lavelle Perronne name, making this a specially documented fashion doll. Her antique, sheer cotton outfit is a full skirt with blouse bodice, having flared three-quarter sleeves with ruffled borders, tied at the waist with a sash of the same fabric.

A third piece to the outfit is the matching ruffle-edged cape, giving added style to summer casual chic. Her antique straw bonnet's colorful ribbon trim is repeated with her basket of flowers and her olive green slippers with fancy pink silk bows.

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