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Nelling, Inc.

F a s h i o n   D o l l s

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Madamoiselle Marie
as Madame Butterfly
Wood Body Francois Gaultier Fashion Lady
With Theatrical Kimono and Wig, City Wardrobe, Trunk and Accessories
After hours in the dressing room preparing for her performance is Marie, as named by her owner, who wears her antique theatrical costume of Japan made of brocade and organza silks and fine cotton, consisting of perfectly proportioned, multi-layered garments.  Even her performance wig of black mohair, on a faux leather scalp cap, is sculpted into an elaborate series of rolled sections of hair, adorned with real Asian horn hair ornaments.
Along with several accessories to accent her costume, such as two vintage fans, an antique postcard depicting three young girls in kimonos, a paper parasol, jade cat pendant, newer thongs and decorative items, she has authentic Tabi, or cloth slippers indented at the big toe.  The Asian wood chair pictured also belongs to her, however the Chinoiserie secretary is sold separately on the furniture page.
Not to be overlooked is the bulk of her wardrobe consisting of seven ensembles, a tri-layered cranberry wool suit with optional velvet cape, and a two piece pumpkin wool suit with ruffles and pleated detail. A third two piece suit of burgundy and pink striped silk has a flowing flounced skirt and dramatic dropped sleeves.  Her black silk opera cape is lined in ballerina pink and gives her quite a romantic presence.
Also in her closet are four cotton dresses, all in varying styles and fabric, from a two piece, bustled rose cotton suit, to an A-line print cotton morning dress wit pink ribbon trim, plus two white numbers, one A-line pique frock and a gauze, full skirted garden dress that looks darling with her flower hair wreath. Accessories shown are all part of her trousseau. She finishes off admiring her serious hoop/bustle combo in a metal framed, pivoting mirror.  (Mirror not included, shown on furniture page.)

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Extraordinary Bru Smiler


Known to represent Empress Eugenie, the Bru fashion lady with the signature smile, is found many different looks and expressions being a hand painted and finished creation.  The sublime molding and decoration of this doll is truly fine art and the longer you look, her statuesque beauty continues to reveal itself.  Ocean blue glass eyes, luminesque, pale bisque, pierced ears, delicate shading and a youthful antique mohair wig in dainty, blond ringlets are details that begin to describe her.

Her fully articulated, wooden Bru body offers the posing options and agility of a true mannequin, as was its inspiration, with jointed even at the wrists, ankles and waist has some typical wear at joints and the bottom side of her right pinky finger is scuffed off..  She has a bisque shoulder with swivel neck and her head is marked with a "F" denoting her size of approximately 17 1/2-18" in the Bru production.  Her antique, light wool walking suit consists of three pieces; a skirt with extended train and aqua edged accents, a blouse with jacket sleeve combination in coordinating fabric and colors, and finally a vest in the same fabric that ties the ensemble together.  Her bonnet is made with old fabrics, her undergarments and button-up leather boots antique.

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  Early Young Lady Fashion

The first quality you notice about this early fashion (18") is the immaculate paleness of her bisque swivel head and shoulderplate.  Her softly painted facial features and shading are typical of the early Barrois partnering with Bru period and she also has the wonderful deep blue enamel eyes with a cobalt hue.  She was probably one of the first dolls of this era to have pierced ears and she wears and antique wig of reddish brown human hair.
Her wonderful, fully jointed wooden body with bisque forearms is in excellent condition and earns itself the option of being displayed with her clothes next to her instead of on!  And what wonderful antique clothing she has.  A fine print cotton dress with full skirt decorated with red and black soutache and the same detail continued over her deep front collar and lapels.  Extra is a smart matching cape and an antique chapeau in black velvet adorned with a crimson feather.  Leather button up boots and undergarments are all antique.

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Radiquet & Cordonnier

16 1/2"
Rare Fashion Lady

 Original Gown

and Pedestal Stand
The word "statuesque" so perfectly describes the Radiquet & Conrdonnier doll as she is not only a fashion, but also an artistic figurine with so many enchanting qualities.  Her pale bisque swivel head has the softly executed  characteristics of Jumeau artistry with is large, almond shaped enamel eyes, gentle lash and brow and cheek color, strong nose and full, shapely lips.  At the front crown of her head is a 1/4" long line that is so minor and looks inherent in the bisque.
  Her shoulder plate has realistically molded, exposed breasts and her bent bisque arms and finely sculpted hands hold a graceful dancer's pose.  Her lower legs end in molded, heeled slippers, all in a sheer, pale flesh pink. The torso, hips, upper arms and legs of the body are a firmly sawdust filled, kid leather with a realistic and shapely silhouette.  Underneath her molded shoes are two, metal enforced holes that accommodate the metal posts set into the round wooden, original and raised stand.  Under the pedestal is the original factory lable.  The rear right heal of one shoe has a small chip that is not visible.
Her original gown is of metallic mesh fabric and lace that is separated in many places, but loses nothing in providing and almost fairy tale, medieval style when the sash is tied just under the breast line, then adopts a gay nineties flavor when tied low, just below the waist.  Underneath is an attached, palest pink slip to line the dress, and added is some extra silk chiffon in the same color to provide a train if desired.  Her newer, platinum mohair wig and sterling silver crown trailing flowing chiffon seem to put her on Shakespear's stage!

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Louis Doleac French Fashion

18 1/2"
Fully Jointed Wood Body

with Fluid Neck Movement
And Her Trunk Containing an Opulent Wardrobe

Her face is one of importance, wisdom and sweetness, qualities admired in ladies from every walk of society. Her collection of regally styled and
decorated gowns and dresses place her
 in a life of refinement, elegance and ceremony.
To punctuate all this is her distinctive Doleac molding with the widely cut, almond  eyes of crystal blue, elongated nose, slight smile, heart-shaped face and feather-light painted facial features.  Her strawberry blond mohair wig is replaced, but offers great styling versatility.
Her swivel neck has extra fluidity with
an attachment very much offering the
movement of the Dehors mechanism.
She is able to pose looking North, South,
East and West and all directions in between
with great ease and flexibility.
Her fully jointed wood body give form to her six all antique garments from her period;  a midnight royal blue velvet ensemble, adorned with metallic trim and fringe, a cream silk ball gown, also sprinkled with metallic splendor, all the way down its abundant train, a blush-toned satin two piece gown with a frothiness supplied by its all-over chiffon gathers and tucks, a striped silk dress for daytime events that although one-piece,
  creates the illusion of a multi-piece garment with its creative waist detail.  To add leisure to her closet is a fresh, white cotton garden dress, and underneath are her antique cotton undergarments, a lace-up corset and pale pink stockings.  She has a variety of hats ,boots and shoes (heeled slippers not old), jewelry ranging from antique to vintage necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings and a hair ornament, and some antique accessories to intermingle with her extraordinary clothing.

s s s     

A Lovely 18" Jumeau Fashion with Fully Articulated Body and Trousseau

   Mademoiselle Josephine is pleased to meet you.  She is ravishing Jumeau fashion with gray blue, almond shaped enamel eyes, snowy bisque, gentle decoration of features, pierced ears, and her long, abundant human hair wig in fancy do and pony of curls.
She has a shapely, articulated wood body, of which the torso upper limbs are also covered in kid leather, with the lower limbs in finished, carved wood.  The hands and especially the feet are finely detailed as on a statue, and the wrists are unjointed.  Her trousseau includes eight garments, six of them being genuine antique garments of varying styles, one of them made at some point by an exceptionally talented seamstress of antique materials, and the last being an antique silk peignoir, which she wears as she decides just what to wear today!
See how respectful she looks in her mourning outfit with matching parasol, how feminine in her peach and cream, layered lace garden party gown with matching snood, how carefree in her summer white with flowing light cream wool, long hooded cape, how smart she drags the super long train of her opulent, taupe promenade suit, and how delicate she looks in her silk peignoir as she browses her other fashionable options.
Her deluxe, German lithographed trunk
with domed lid has not only a covered tray
with divided compartments, but also an
extra, velvet covered compartment on top
of that!  Both compartments with hinged
lids and very sturdy.
Her accessories include hats, a snood, parasol, boots, stockings, several pieces of jewelry, a chatelaine, gloves, a silver metal basket, and a jeweled tiara. Most charming is that hiding in her little shell purse are two tiny dolls.  She has antique undergarments, including a long train slip to accommodate the rambling skirt of her taupe silk suit.  


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