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F a s h i o n   D o l l s

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Jumeau Portrait Fashion

Luxurious Original Ensemble

The deep burgundy hues of the original garment of this Jumeau portrait fashion provide a dramatic backdrop to her ethereal, pale beauty.  Her face is full of light with her jewel blue eyes, delicate decoration on eggshell white bisque, a whisper of cheek shading, and a tousled wig of long, strawberry blond mohair ringlets.   she has a swivel neck and pierced ears.
  The patterned silk velvet outfit consists of a separate skirt and jacket  with lace up front closure, and a back panel becoming a long, voluminous train that is secured to the skirt with hooks and eyes on each side.  The matching chapeau of okra velvet frames the face with exposed, aqua silk lining and ribbon trim.  There is a small, torn section on the front of the skirt that is reinforced.  Her pristine body of kid leather is as sturdy and strong as the day it was made and since her costume, socks and leather boots have never been off this girl, they were impossible to remove without disturbing their original condition. 

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Radiquet & Cordonnier

16 1/2"
Rare Fashion Lady

 Original Gown

and Pedestal Stand
The word "statuesque" so perfectly describes the Radiquet & Conrdonnier doll as she is not only a fashion, but also an artistic figurine with so many enchanting qualities.  Her pale bisque swivel head has the softly executed  characteristics of Jumeau artistry with is large, almond shaped enamel eyes, gentle lash and brow and cheek color, strong nose and full, shapely lips.  At the front crown of her head is a 1/4" long line that is so minor and looks inherent in the bisque.
  Her shoulder plate has realistically molded, exposed breasts and her bent bisque arms and finely sculpted hands hold a graceful dancer's pose.  Her lower legs end in molded, heeled slippers, all in a sheer, pale flesh pink. The torso, hips, upper arms and legs of the body are a firmly sawdust filled, kid leather with a realistic and shapely silhouette.  Underneath her molded shoes are two, metal enforced holes that accommodate the metal posts set into the round wooden, original and raised stand.  Under the pedestal is the original factory lable.  The rear right heal of one shoe has a small chip that is not visible.
Her original gown is of metallic mesh fabric and lace that is separated in many places, but loses nothing in providing and almost fairy tale, medieval style when the sash is tied just under the breast line, then adopts a gay nineties flavor when tied low, just below the waist.  Underneath is an attached, palest pink slip to line the dress, and added is some extra silk chiffon in the same color to provide a train if desired.  Her newer, platinum mohair wig and sterling silver crown trailing flowing chiffon seem to put her on Shakespear's stage!

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.Huret Provost Fashion with Jointed Wood Body

A Huret character fashion doll from the Provost period of 1900, that stands 26" tall and reminds us of the exotic Jumeau exhibition fashions of the late 19th century.  She most certainly draws attention with her statuesque presence and her poetic muse-like personality.  She has multi-colored glass eyes that change from amber to green and everything in between, depending on the light.  Her elongated features, fully sculpted lips, sophisticated painting of features and shading of cheeks give her the look of a budding young woman, and her long auburn locks of antique mohair adds some drama and romance.
  Before we detail her fabulous antique costume, we must first notice her jointed wooden body, uniquely carved from a rich wood.  It has movement at the shoulders, elbows, hip and knees, intricately carved with an non commercial quality that adds to her intrigue.  The two piece antique costume is a combination of velvet, silk, lace and decorative buttons with a matching, feather adorned hat.  Her boots are an extension of the ensemble that deserve more attention than they usually get, under her elaborate skirt and train of flowing, autumn toned, subtle plaid.  What music and literature she would inspire!  From the Legacy Doll Museum.

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Francois Gaultier

Diminutive Fashion

For those who love to step back in time regarding the condition of a doll, this gem of a little fashion can be as exciting as one dressed to the nines in an extravagant costume.  She retains her factory original glory in condition and presentation except for a couple of additions.  Her original, starched muslin chemise, accented with coral ribbons at the collar and on her head, is magically coordinated with her original glass bead necklace with cross.  Her wig is styled in its original combination of a crimped fringe and long locks, partly braided on the top layer.  She has a swivel neck and her gusseted leather body is as white and sturdy as the day it was made, with the chemise never having been removed.  Added are her mock pearl earrings and her leather slippers.  Her large, blue glass eyes, soft smile and softly blushed cheeks give her a pleasant expression that goes with her sweet simplicity.

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Early Huret-like Fashion

Something sets this 17 1/2" debutant fashion apart from her early sisters from the firms of  Barrois, Rohmer, Blampoix and others producing child fashion dolls circa 1860.  The extra detailed molding of her features and statuesque, plump quality of her face make her strikingly similar to a glass-eyed version of the Adelaide Huret fashion.  She is of a genre of dolls that had that extra touch of molded eyelids and sweet expression that many Huret dolls had.  She has midnight blue glass eyes, palest bisque, and a flange neck (slightly loose attachment).
Her long and flowing antique wig of auburn mohair is tied back into an abundant pony tail and she has pierced ears with proper doll earrings of dangling, turquoise glass beads.  She has a robust leather body with gussets at the knees and plump, pale bisque arms that have wooden upper jointing.  One of her beautifully crafted hands has repair to the fingers, as seen in the photo.  Her jewel of a green silk dress is adorned with genuine black jet beads and she wears an black silk pillbox type hat that is inscribed "R.I.P" in the crown.  Her black leather boots are antique, and frail.  The handsome Borzoi hounds in one of her photos can be found on the accessories page.


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