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E.J. Size 7
It's time to bundle up, for this radiant, 16" E.J. bebe, in what is known to be a Jumeau factory, deeply pleated wool coat with oversized and layered collar.  The tan wool edging of the collars is complemented with a fine, striped silk lining. The honey cream satin, antique party dress underneath has it's own bodice tucking and fully pleated skirt that surrounds this girl in luxury.
These soft tones go beautifully with her pale bisque and ash blond antique mohair wig, framing her huge blue, paperweight eyes, deep rose stained, closed mouth and softly shaded cheeks.  At the outside corner of her right eye is a short, reddish firing line, and the same factory irregularity appears faintly on the top of her nose.  Not distracting but worth mentioning.
Her Jumeau marked, chunky, eight-ball body has straight wrists and is in beautiful condition with original finish.  Coordinating with her duty aqua coat is a grand chapeau covered in the same blue and over that like a foamy wave, gathered French lace is attached all around.  Peaking below are her Jumeau  turquoise colored glass bead pierced earrings and along with her antique, multi-layered cotton undergarments, she is the proud wearer of size 7, stamped E.J. shoes!

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Bru Jne. Boy

At the Seaside

$10,500.  ON LAYAWAY
Looking so smart in his antique wool jersey knit, two piece mariner's costume, is this handsome Bru Jne. 5 bebe who has amber brown paperweight eyes, a closed mouth and an antique auburn wig in a boyish tousled style.  His pale complexioned bisque is smooth and creamy and the warm decoration of his features plays well with his hair color.
His Bru body is composition with the typical slightly sloping shoulders, chunky jointed limbs and jointed wrists. The dark navy mariner's costume with three white stripes bordering his collar and two stripes down the front of the jacket, is tied together with a red and dark navy tie, all of which is accessorized with calf-high, black antique leather boots and a matching, billed seaman's cap of leather.  Don't let him forget his antique wooden ship with metal masts when he is finished playing in the sand.

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Petit et Dumoutier Bebe in Original Store Box

Perfectly packaged for your collecting enjoyment is this 16" Petit et Dumoutier, or P.D., Bebe dressed in her original factory outfit and resting in her original "Au Bon Marche" Paris store box with label.
Her deep blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, lush painted lashes, softly rouged cheeks and original honey-brown human hair wig are made to stand out even more than usual, due to her monochromatic ensemble.  Over her original cotton undergarments and crocheted stockings is her frilly, cotton and lace frock, that she combines with her original, ecru light wool, double breasted coat and matching wool, soft bonnet that is finished with a big satin bow.
Her bisque head is incised P 1 D on the back and she has pierced ears.  Her stocky, French composition and wood body is jointed at the hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists, which lead way to her P.D. signature metal hands, which I believe are zinc.  Her black leatherette, lace up shoes are antique, however I can not  guarantee that they are original to her.

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Earliest Bru Teteur Brevete

$8750.  (Faint Hairline)
  In the fascinating chronology of Bru bebes, the Bru Teteur, or "Nursing Bru", has a chapter all its own due to the several stages of production on this innovative doll.  Shown here (13 3/4") is the earliest in the line of these dolls that replicated the act of nursing, which was made possible by inserting in the open mouth glass bottle with rubber tip that was also offered for sale.  In the bisque head was a heavy rubber balloon that could ingest water through the mouth with suction caused by turning a knob outside the back of the head.  The earliest dolls had the ivory knob like this one, which was later replaced with metal.  None of these work anymore due to the drying of the rubber.
This early head is known as the Brevete and it portrays a very young child or even infant.  At the bottom of this listing I have provided a photo of the same doll in a Christening gown taken when I had her in my collection of early infants.  During a couple of years of production, the nursing Bru's were made using Circle Dot and also Bru Jne. heads which are more readily found.
The dramatic coloring on this child is due to the rich brown paperweight eyes against the eggshell white bisque, brought to life with gentle rose-tinted cheeks and lips.  Part of her original skin wig remains as shown in the body shots, however she also sports a replacement skin wig elsewhere, which fits on top.  She has a swivel neck on bisque shoulder plate and bisque forearms.  At the middle left side of her forehead is a faint hairline that she has had all the years in my possession (Photos available).  Her leather body is sturdy and clean with some typical bending.
Most enjoyable was finding this antique, white knit bebe ensemble that she models, using several combinations of pieces in each photo.  There is a darling one-piece camisole and pantaloon garment, a half skirt, a full dress or shift, a sweater and a matching bonnet, all with the same design.  Crocheted socks and linen shoes are also antique.  A super special doll with an endearing presentation.

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Jumeau Size 1 Premier Portrait Bebe

  At only 10 1/4", we have a huge presence from this size 1 Jumeau portrait who is tiny but mighty, with her vibrant blue spiral eyes, closed mouth,  super soft decoration of her brows, lashes, cheeks and lips, pierced ears and antique blond mohair wig cascading onto her shoulders.  Her Jumeau, eight-ball jointed body is stamped "Medaille de Ore" on the lower back and is in fine original condition, the varnish on both hands has darkened or has been reapplied.  At the bottom back of her head is an incised "1".
Her precious costume consists of a frothy, antique, lace trimmed organdy jacket over a very similar, almost matching delicate dress, she has a creamy wool slip along with all her antique cotton undergarments, socks, leather shoes and a straw hat with its own fabric flower garden surrounding the face.  Shown in the photo at the right is another small Jumeau portrait, listed separately.

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French Bebe in Presentation Box

16 1/2"
Limoges ca. 1900

Resting in a long, pearly white, paper-covered box with lacy, cut paper trim is this friendly faced, French bisque head girl by the Limoge factory.  She has blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, peachy bisque and shading and her original honey blond, human hair wig and also wears her original, factory outfit including muslin chemise with turquoise accents that match her original turquoise oilcloth  shoes.
Under her right eye on the lower lid there is a fleck of bisque shaved off but looks like the factory painted an eyelash over it faintly. You can see it in the photo. Her French composition body is in near mint condition, with original patina, is fully jointed and has the side jointed "teenage" hips and jointed wrists.  While the box is narrow for her and a bit too long, it is just how she was purchased decades ago by a lifelong collector, so like this she remains.

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Early Schmitt Bebe
17 1/2"
Ready for Summer Travels

Ready for departure is this angel of a girl, an early Schmitt et Fils bebe with round face, eggshell white bisque, piercing light blue paperweight eyes, the softest of painted features and shading, pierced ears an unusual French plaster pate and a long, antique blond mohair wig.
Her Summer holiday through southern France will call for some light and airy changes of antique clothing that she models here.  A favorite is her royal blue, maritime silk frock with side buttons and narrow silk sash with hook closure  With it she wears an antique open work straw hat with an embroidered straw flower motif.  But she can decide between that and her pink cotton pinafore with wide bodice suspenders that are part of the full skirted dress, and beneath that is yet another white cotton dress with tucking that can be worn alone for another look.  Her antique straw hat has a glazed surface and is adorned with pink fabric roses.
For a casual garden party is a full, ecru cotton number with a small blue floral print that has light gray blue velvet trim at the collar and sleeves.  The antique straw hat she has chosen has pale pink flowers atop a wide, teal silk ribbon around the crown.  And a dressy affair calls for either of her frilly lace couturier dresses, one with peach silk ribbon linear accents and the other with layers of flowing French lace on the bodice, shoulders, sleeves and skirt.  Another antique straw hat with lily of the valley flowers can be worn with them both.
Bedtime is covered as well, with a simple, white gauze chemise and knit bonnet with lilac ribbon ties.  Her ivory leather French shoes are antique as are her cream crocheted stockings.  A one piece cotton camisole and pantaloon onesy and two white cotton slips make for a nice full skirt effect.  She has some belongings to bring along like an antique lamb toy, an all bisque doll with molded bonnet, some spring fabric lowers, two extra pairs of glass earrings and a contemporary silk French flag.  She and her wardrobe fit in her fine French trunk with a with a slatted tray and several divided compartments below...even a hat hook!
Her marked Schmitt body has the black shield stamp on the flat underside of the derriere, that are both specific features of the Schmitt body design.  The flat derriere underside was intended to facilitate a secure seated position.  
 The eight ball composition body with straight wrists has uniquely factory designed curves on the upper and lower limbs as well and the natural pink patina with original varnish is so appealing.


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