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F r e n c h   D o l l s

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Outstanding Bru Jne.

19 1/2"
All Original Court Costume


Just arrived from Paris! A true masterpiece as a Bru Jne antique doll, a true example of French Court costume fashion that is an original garment to the doll, and a classic piece of artwork in a three-dimensional feast for the eyes!

At 19 1/2”, this subject demands attention with her deep brown paperweight eyes, closed mouth, delicately applied facial features and pure, even-toned pale bisque, pierced ears and original, platinum mohair wig in 18th century, primped ringlets tied up and cascading over the shoulders. Head and shoulder plate are incised “Bru Jne 7” and she has a fully marked Chevrot Body with original factory label on the chest. The lower jointed arms of bisque are perfect as are her lower legs of wood and her leather body is exceptional but for some rust or moisture spots that happened over time.

The original Georgian couture costume is an explosion of fairy tale colors in a two piece gown of muted floral satin and it is in excellent condition as are her crisp cotton undergarments. Beneath the suit top is her original, pink satin corset and her marked Bru Jne slippers are of a cream leather with applied buckle-bows. The shoes are size 8, however they fit her perfectly.

She has acquired a couple of accent accessories consisting of a pressed gold metal mirror with bone handle and a feathery fan with floral applique. There is a special place in history and in your cabinet for this superb Bru Jne.

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Fre. A Steiner Bebe    The Judy McDonald Collection

Culminating into a winning package of  beauty, quality and style, this Steiner Fre. A bebe (22 1/2") does not disappoint and is a feast for the eyes!  Let's start with her crystal blue paperweight eyes set in large eyecuts that are accented with soft, plentiful lashes and gently colored brows.  She has an open mouth with six teeth that wants to smile and her bisque is like the smoothest vanilla cream with a light rouging all around her cheeks.  Her face is truly a remarkable example for this mold and it is surrounded by long, wavy blond mohair locks.
Her fully jointed French body has the mama crier inserted in the torso and the pull string still works!  The finish is a healty flesh tone and the condition is very good with just some chips of surface paint missing in some spots.  Of high importance is her exquisite antique costume of fine ecru silk with sash and ribbon detail in a grey, powder blue moire silk that matches her grand bonnet, bringing in tones of soft rose silk. She wears antique cotton undergarments and antique dark leather shoes.  From the long-loved collection of Judy McDonald.

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"M"  Bebe Commissioned from Jumeau


This dreamy, attractive bebe (12") with her familiar, but unique look is surely from the Jumeau factory but she is marked with an incised “M3” telling us she may have been marketed through a retailer who preferred not to use the Jumeau name. Many department stores and boutiques in Paris would commission Jumeau to supply them with unmarked bebes for this very reason. Her wide, almond shaped, brown paperweight eyes and delicate flowing lashes and brows are very calming as there is a peaceful quality to her whole face including her richly colored closed mouth and her very pale but somehow warm bisque tone.

She has an antique, ashy blond mohair wig, pierced ears and a French composition body that is jointed at the shoulders, elbows and hips,but not the knees.What may be her original black and white plaid silk frock is very fragile on the whole back side, however so sweet that it needs to be kept to gently display her or store with her. She wears a luxurious black velvet chapeau adorned with antique blossoms and she wears lovely brown antique French shoes marked with “3” with antique beige socks. Sweet little bebe.

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Bru Jne 1

11 1/2"
and Her Bru Jne. Marked Trunk


A Parisian gem, a precious jewel, an elusive, colorful butterfly...that is how quickly she flew out of my hands on acquiring her during my last trip to Paris. But she needed to be documented for her outstanding qualities and presentation. She is an early size 1 Bru Jne on marked Chevrot body with perfect bisque, hinged lower arms and hands and wooden lower legs and feet.  She rests in her marked Bru Jne. black leather trunk with superb detail like brass rivets, lock and latch, including original key!

Her paperweight eyes are similar to polished, precious stone, her full, closed lips with white space in-between, her facial paint soft and meticulous and her bisque luminescent. She wears her original blond mohair wig and her head and shoulder plate are marked Bru Jne 1.Because her undergarments match in type and trim, they could very well be original as with her size 1 marked Bru shoes and typical Bru socks. Her eleaborate silk costume was expertly made for her with antique materials to the utmost perfection in detail and quality and that theme is continued with her over-the-top, matching chapeau in its feathered glory. What an honor to have owned this perfect doll, even for a very short time. 

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Tete Jumeau

Luxurious Antique Costume

In warm shades of brown and gold, this size 7 Tete Jumeau looks like she jumped off a page from the couturier costume catalogue of Josephine Jumeau.  The deluxe factory frock is a compilation of a brandy plaid silk, ecru lace inserts over ecru silk,  a  caramel colored velvet sash, dark button and metallic cord accents. The high-arched silk chapeau is also antique, and are the undergarments, while the leather shoes are newer.
She has soulful, large brown paperweight eyes, a closed and outlined mouth, creamy bisque and soft shading, pierced ears and she wears a quite convincing, blond mohair tail wig that is of newer vintage, just for that extra look of luxury. Her fully jointed  composition body is faintly marked with the blue " Jumeau, Medaille de Ore" stamp on the lower back and the condition of the original finish is very good, with minimal wear. 

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Pre-Bleuette Jumeau Bebe

All Original

From just before The famous "Bleuette was born in 1905,  we have a late Jumeau bebe that has the cheerful personality and physical attributes of the upcoming star of "La Semaine de Suzette" magazine.  She has blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, smooth, pale bisque with healthy shading, her original human hair russet wig and that "Bleuette" expression that took the young doll market by storm.
She has a fully jointed, French SFBJ body with the usual, partial paint loss that is typical of this period, and the body is faintly incised on the hip with the words "CADE JUMEAU".  What is super special about her is her original, provincial costume that is make up of a tiny blue print dress, trimmed in black velvet, a black, lace trimmed apron, the original Jumeau tag, and she holds her original, oblong basket of market flowers that she has never lost hold of.

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Pop-up Jester Toy

7" Tall (when open)
Mechanical Whimsy

At the base of this woven basket that holds a bouquet of fabric roses and other bulbs, there is a metal button and when pushed, out pops very suddenly, a bisque character head with painted blue eyes, a molded moustache and an open closed mouth with comical molded tongue.  He also has a solid dome with a molded pony tail protruding from the back of the bald head.
Not only does he provide an attractive floral accessory for your dolls when closed, he becomes a comical surprise and conversation piece when launched by the push of a little metal button!  His neck and attachment is covered with an original piece of rose colored fabric, secured all around the head and into the bouquet.  It is so fun to see his head, huddled amongst the flowers. Then, Voila!

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Delightful Candy Container


Featuring a bisque Francois Gaultier swivel head with glass eyes, brown mohair wig and closed mouth, this French decorative confection box is quite the deluxe package. The container is separated at the widest part of the cone and the top can be opened to reveal the empty cavity inside that held the sweet morsels. The cardboard cone is covered with the original ecru silk faille, garnished with layers of lace and streaming silk ribbon.  The condition is excellent!

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Rabery and Delphieu in Petite Size


Rabery and Delphieu bebes have a look all their own with an earthy, soulful expression, especially with the rich brown paperweight eyes like this girl. At times your could even see a hint of the Francois Gaultier face inspiring R.D.'s like this one (13 2/4") with full and softly brushstroked eyebrows, a rose-colored, closed mouth with curving, painted outlines on clear, pale bisque. Her antique human hair wig of long, flowing locks is casually tied in a partial up-do and she has pierced ears. 

Of equally high quality is her French composition body with original finish that is fully jointed with loose balls at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, like the finest early French bebes, and her wrists are straight as well.Her costume wears like it has been on her forever and you can see her leaving for school in her red and white checkered linen dress with a yellow felt upturned chapeau with burgundy velvet and feathers perched on top, and her burgundy antique crocheted stockings with black leather, French antique shoes. Cotton undergarments are all antique.

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 Bawo & Dotter Edwardian Lady Doll

From porcelain factories in both Bavaria and Limoges, then imported and sold by Bawo & Dotter in New York, we have an extremely rare bisque head lady doll in the style of the Simon Halbig 1468 or COD 1469.  She has a sublime, heart shaped face with blue glass sleep eyes, an aquiline nose, a small, pursed closed mouth and meticulous decoration of lashes, brows and cheeks.  Bringing five-figure prices at auction, this seldom seen example is a chance to actually own one for much less, due to an expertly repaired head damage.  (please ask for photo)
Her wig is an antique mohair upturned style, popular in this era and she has a fully jointed composition body in the attractive, modern silhouette of the day with shapely bosoms and hips.  On the center of her lower back are remnants of an original factory or store sticker and she has an incised 213/2 mold number/size on the back of her head.  Her daytime dress of cram and black striped silk is from her period of manufacture, 1915, and her hat is a conversation piece in itself, made ingeniously of horse hair. Her black leather, heeled pumps are new.

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Series C Steiner Bebe

Repair to Head

Unbeknownst to anyone viewing this doll in her habitat, she has an expertly done repair to her head that is undetectable unless pointed out with a light.  Because if this, here is a chance to own a superb French Steiner for less than half the market cost for this model.  She is the early Series C bebe, with huge, blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, artful facial decoration and shading, translucent pale bisque, pierced ears and an antique blond mohair wig.
Her outstanding, marked Steiner body with early straight wrists and stout fingers has the original paint finish in addition to the "Le Petit Parisien BEBE STEINER" stamp on her front left hip. The hands seem to have some old touch-up. There is just some normal light joint wear and toe rubs.  Her frilly costume, expertly tailored from antique fabric and trim is a delight, combined with her antique, high profile straw chapeau with silk and flower trim.  Her repair does not touch any of her facial area or features, and photos can be requested. Antique undergarments and French leather shoes.

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