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French   D o l l s

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Pop-up Jester Toy

7" Tall (when open)
Mechanical Whimsy

At the base of this woven basket that holds a bouquet of fabric roses and other bulbs, there is a metal button and when pushed, out pops very suddenly, a bisque character head with painted blue eyes, a molded moustache and an open closed mouth with comical molded tongue.  He also has a solid dome with a molded pony tail protruding from the back of the bald head.
Not only does he provide an attractive floral accessory for your dolls when closed, he becomes a comical surprise and conversation piece when launched by the push of a little metal button!  His neck and attachment is covered with an original piece of rose colored fabric, secured all around the head and into the bouquet.  It is so fun to see his head, huddled amongst the flowers. Then, Voila!

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Delightful Candy Container


Featuring a bisque Francois Gaultier swivel head with glass eyes, brown mohair wig and closed mouth, this French decorative confection box is quite the deluxe package. The container is separated at the widest part of the cone and the top can be opened to reveal the empty cavity inside that held the sweet morsels. The cardboard cone is covered with the original ecru silk faille, garnished with layers of lace and streaming silk ribbon.  The condition is excellent!

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Henri Delcroix Bebe


A rare little French bebe (13 1/2") from the smaller firm of Henri Delcroix who is only marked with the incised “Paris” on the back of her bisque head. She has blue paperweight eyes, a closed mouth, pierced ears and a soft, round face that looks quite similar to the fine dolls of the Joseph Joanny company. Her chunky composition and wood body is fully jointed and is in very nice condition, except for some wear at the joints, especially behind the knee joints.

At the top left rim of her head, there is a small, fill-in repair area, similar to the size of a pea. Her blond mohair wig is an altered combination of antique mohair and human hair, probably done to preserve as much of the original wig as possible. Her rose colored, satiny dress and matching, high brim bonnet have quite a bit of age to them, as they have faded from a much more vibrant rose color that can be seen underneath. Undergarments and shoes are antique.

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Petit e' Dumoutier

Wax Over Composition

As an example of the many innovations by the French doll factories of the 1880's to create a bebe that was unbreakable or "incassable",  this fresh-faced bebe has the facial features and body detail that tie her to the PD factory.  Her wide, rounded face with idealistically almond, blue glass eyes, pouty mouth and soft coloring play well with her wax over composition complexion that is very well preserved with just the expected surface crazing.
  Her body has the signature metal hands used by PD, on a near mint, five-piece composition body that retains it's French boutique stamp.  She wears a factory, candy pink cotton frock, lace bonnet, and antique caramel colored mohair wig and some extra-ordinary, original cotton undergarments.  The ivory leather, lace-up  shoes are antique.  This is one to round out any fine, French bebe collection.  

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French Bebe in Presentation Box

16 1/2"
Limoges ca. 1900

Resting in a long, pearly white, paper-covered box with lacy, cut paper trim is this friendly faced, French bisque head girl by the Limoge factory.  She has blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, peachy bisque and shading and her original honey blond, human hair wig and also wears her original, factory outfit including muslin chemise with turquoise accents that match her original turquoise oilcloth  shoes.
Under her right eye on the lower lid there is a fleck of bisque shaved off but looks like the factory painted an eyelash over it faintly. You can see it in the photo. Her French composition body is in near mint condition, with original patina, is fully jointed and has the side jointed "teenage" hips and jointed wrists.  While the box is narrow for her and a bit too long, it is just how she was purchased decades ago by a lifelong collector, so like this she remains.

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