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French   D o l l s

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Cabinet Size Tete Jumeau


A sweet little size 4 Tete Jumeau bebe that stands 14" tall wants to join your cabinet collection, with her rich, brown paperweight eyes, outlined closed mouth, long painted lashes and soft brown feathered brows, super pale bisque with gentle shading, pierced ears and a dark auburn French human hair wig.   She has a few minute pepper spots on her lower face that are from the time of manufacture.

She is marked on the back of her head with the full Tete Jumeau red mark, and also with the blue Medailles D'Or mark on the lower back of her straight wristed, French eight-ball body. She wears a casual, antique frock of pink cotton with white stripes, antique lace bonnet and undergarments, with vintage leather slippers. What a great candidate to either be sewn or outfitted for, producing for her a special wardrobe and a maybe a trunk to keep it all in!  

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Jumeau Triste Bebe

Size 13


Affectionately called the “long-faced” Jumeau for her apparently somber mood, the Jumeau Triste (“sad” in French) offers an important spot in your bebe collection. Maybe she is just one of those friends who doesn't smile a lot, but instead displays a pensive depth in her natural expression.

What a beautiful look she has, with dark brown paperweight eyes, detailed lashes, brows and shading, an elongated face with a rose pink closed mouth, pale, creamy bisque and pierced ears. Her antique blond wig is a hand sewn masterpiece with long, flowing locks called tails and it is possibly original. The head in incised “13” and the body is the typcical Triste style with the very chunky torso, jointed arms and legs, but with straight wrists and it is well marked in the back “Jumeau Medaille D'Or.”   There is a small white rub on her lower left cheek. 

Her antique costume is multi-layered with an under dress of feather-light ecru net over a fine silk lining and covering that up is a deepest blue, velvet coat dress with a faint ecru dotted pattern and pearly buttons. Her undergarments are so Jumeau with the crisp half slip and pantaloons, with matching camisole and she wears an antique satin, silk and lace trimmed bonnet, also in ecru. Her black leather shoes are antique child shoes.

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Supreme Early Jumeau

Unmarked E.J.A. Bebe


This early bebe from Jumeau, called the EJA was made in only two sizes, 10 and 12, and for only a short time between 1879 and into 1881. Appearing at about the time of the inspired Carrier – Belleuse Triste Bebe, the EJA face had its own distinct characteristics, such as a similarly longer face, narrow almond shaped eyes, a finely outlined, closed mouth whose prim lip lines were trespassed by tidy, liquid-like shading to make them appear plump, and gorgeously tinted, pressed bisque with applied ears.  

Even other makers like Schmitt produced a doll with a sort of family resemblance at this time. The eyes on this doll are rich, brown paperweight or what Jumeau called “human eyes” and her wig is antique mohair in a rosy blond tint that so compliments her complexion. Some of the EJA bebes were not marked as is the case with this one, bearing only the mark of an incised “10” at the back of the head and this particular bebe was also known as “Elizabeth”.  

Only one body style was used for this model, being the chunky eight-ball composition body with straight wrists and oversized hands, and she does have the Jumeau “Medaille D'Or” stamp on the lower back. Her antique French costume is superb, made of soft, pink silk with puffed sleeves and a full skirt, then with an abundant lace over-skirt with inset ivory ribbons all around. Her soft, lacy antique bonnet repeats the deluxe, frilly mood. Her antique leather boots lace up to mid-calf and she layers of antique cotton undergarments beneath it all. 

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Early Steiner Bebe

Two Rows of Teeth


 We love our early Steiner children with their almost primitive look, including spiral enamel, almond shaped eyes, open mouth with two rows of teeth, palest, almost white bisque, subtle painting of features and full, extra youthful face. Very interesting is her early head opening, which, instead of starting at the top of the forehead, is a smaller round hole towards the back of the head, sealed with a fine fitting, round cork. The sheepskin wig in a subdued platinum is not original, however it does have some age. The body is interesting, as it has the form and construction of a Steiner body, but from slightly later era, having jointed shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, straight wrists and slim fingers.

The body fit and condition is excellent, and the color fresh and original. Where Steiners call for a certain, unique style of fashion to elaborate on their simplicity and simpatico presence, it is fitting to see this girl in her light, peachy pink silk from with dropped waist and ruffle-edged hemline, then having a long matching jacket with double pointed hemline, short puffed sleeves and whimsical, drawstring front closing. Her ecru fabric bonnet is antique as are her socks and ivory leather, lace-up high bootines. 

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Original Jumeau Twins


Originality times two! From a grand, old Craftsman style home in Pasadena, CA come these two sister Tete Jumeaux (both 20"), each wearing their original French silk frocks with lace overlay. Being stored for so long this way, the dresses have some staining, wear and discoloration, one more than the other, but what a great provenance to preserve for the rest of their history.

 They are both size 9 dolls, with fully jointed wood and composition, jointed wrist bodies, one having the Bebe Jumeau oval body sticker, both with big brown paperweight eyes and closed mouths with rose tinted lips, pale bisque and pierced ears. One has a brunette human hair wig and the other blond, both antique. The undergarments do not match exactly, however every component of their presentation is antique, with a special bonus of the brunette girl wearing her original, size 9 Tete Jumeau shoes!                                                            LW

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Pop-up Jester Toy

7" Tall (when open)
Mechanical Whimsy

At the base of this woven basket that holds a bouquet of fabric roses and other bulbs, there is a metal button and when pushed, out pops very suddenly, a bisque character head with painted blue eyes, a molded moustache and an open closed mouth with comical molded tongue.  He also has a solid dome with a molded pony tail protruding from the back of the bald head.
Not only does he provide an attractive floral accessory for your dolls when closed, he becomes a comical surprise and conversation piece when launched by the push of a little metal button!  His neck and attachment is covered with an original piece of rose colored fabric, secured all around the head and into the bouquet.  It is so fun to see his head, huddled amongst the flowers. Then, Voila!

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Delightful Candy Container


Featuring a bisque Francois Gaultier swivel head with glass eyes, brown mohair wig and closed mouth, this French decorative confection box is quite the deluxe package. The container is separated at the widest part of the cone and the top can be opened to reveal the empty cavity inside that held the sweet morsels. The cardboard cone is covered with the original ecru silk faille, garnished with layers of lace and streaming silk ribbon.  The condition is excellent!

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Character Huret Bebe

15 1/2"
From the Provost Period

$12,950.  ON LAYAWAY

Featured in the John Darcy Noble Book, A Treasury of Beautiful Dolls on page 197, and also in the 2003 auction catalog of the Maurine Popp collection, is this rare Huret bebe of the late 19th century, early 20th century. She is truly a character child, in the same flavor as the provocative Provost fashion dolls being made by Huret at the time. But her proportions are all bebe.

 This girl's amused expression features blue glass almond shaped eyes with brush stroked lashes and brows, a closed mouth with an almost suspicious half-grin, rosy blushed cheeks on pale bisque and a replaced platinum mohair wig in a short, tousled style. The incised mark at the rear base of her neck is HURET, an elongated neck like that of a young teenager and it fits perfectly into the raised socket of her fully jointed French composition and wood body with a shapley, older girl waist. There is some paint flaking off on her torso (and hands), probably wear from doll stands, and even though there is a pink layer below, the finish of the body looks original and was maybe a top layer. Her antique A-line frock is a smart, burgundy and black striped number, with black velvet trim and she wears an antique velvet bonnet, antique undergarments and black leather shoes. 




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