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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Sonneberg Circle Dot Bru

The remarkable ability of the German doll makers to replicate the theatrical flavor of the French is so evident here with this 23" Circle dot Bru inspired German bebe.  She has pale, pale bisque as a palate for her huge, brown paperweight eyes, open-closed mouth with molded teeth, accentuated upper lip, heavy brows and flowing eyelashes, and she wears an extreme, long blond mohair antique tail wig with four extensions.  The crown of the head has a uniquely shaped cut with her original cardboard pate cut in the same pattern.
Her chunky, French type body is high quality with straight wrists and provides the perfect silhouette for her French, fuchsia silk party frock with luxurious pleating.  Her wire framed bonnet of lace and fuchsia silk is a simple but bold accessory, perfect to frame a face so full of character.  The Bru type dolls were made by several firms including Kestner, Kuhnlenz and Alt, Beck and Gottschalk, all of which seemed to be inspired mostly by the Circle Dot face.

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Simon Halbig 1079


The Alsatian region of France on the very northeastern tip is known for its headwear that is an oversized black bow, with black ribbons that stream down her back, along with her two blond mohair braids.  The signature black, red and white theme of the European folk costumes is evident and the ornamental bodice of her pinafore is quite ornate.  She is all original except for her shoes, has brown glass eyes, on open mouth with teeth, and a fully jointed composition body.  8 1/4" tall.

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Kestner Bru

The French firm of Bru inspired many other companies to issue their own version of a Bru bebe, Kestner of course being one of them.  With the genuine look of a Circle Dot Bru, this girl stands 15" tall with the palest, pure bisque, brown paperweight eyes, closed mouth with white space molded between the lips, gentle decoration of features, and an antique blond mohair wig.  She is just marked with a 0 at the back of the head.
She has a swivel neck on bisque shoulderplate with realistic molding on the chest, detailed molded ears, and nicely detailed bisque lower arms (one thumb tip off).  Her kid leather body also carries the characteristics of its Btu inspiration, with its half-circle cut hip seam, gusseted knees and elbows, and nicely detailed feet with stitched toes.  She wears silk dress made of old fabric and matching hat, with vintage stockings and white leather boots.

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Kammer and Reinhardt 115A

Toddler Body

Usually seen as a boy named "Phillip", here is a 115A mold from Kammer and Reinhardt dressed as a playful girl in her snowy coat dress and matching cap.  She even has would be snowball tied in her had as a prop.  She has blue sleep eyes, whose original wax has worn off the lids, closed mouth, chubby and rosey cheeks and a replaced strawberry blond mohair wig.
Underneath her antique and simple undergarments is her healthy toddler composition body with slanted hips and jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.  The finish is in excellent condition, however there is some touch-up on the toes.  Her pink leather ,, heeled shoes carry out the pink accents on her outfit.

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Simon Halbig 1159 Lady

Standing a diminutive 13" tall, this usually larger doll from Simon Halbig with the lady body proves she can convey plenty of character in her smaller proportions.  Modeling the style of the early 1900's, a very important time for relaxed fashion, strong women, the changing world, she wears a two piece suit of crocheted lace, pleated silk trim, and with a softly bustled train.  Her oversized, dramatic Edwardian hat sits fashionably atop her original mohair Gibson inspired wig.
Her slim, teenage body with high jointed knees is also jointed at the hips on a slant, and at the shoulders, and she has quite a shapely figure.  Her left leg has a crack at the lower shin area.  On her feet are newer leather pumps and knit stockings, and she carries a handy, knitted shopping bag.

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Simon Halbig 1468

14 1/2"
Edwardian Lady

Embracing the transitional fashion era of the early 1900's, as women made important advances in civics, the workplace, and society, the Simon Halbig is not only a lovely creature, but an important marker in history and fashion. 
The gentle and intelligent face of this doll is captivating, with her blue glass sleep eyes, finely molded nose and lips, heart-shaped face and pierced ears.  Her bisque is luminescent and her antique human hair wig swept up in a braided do.  Unfortunately she suffered damage to her head during her ride through the century, which is a sizeable piece reglued at the top back of the head.  Price is adjusted to reflect the damage, while considering what an excellent example she is aesthetically.  Please ask for photos.
Her slender, composition body is jointed at the shoulders, hips, elbows and knees, and carries the modern silhouette to compliment the new, slimmer, more relaxed styles of the day.  There is some paint surface crackling off on the legs.  Her velvet, two-piece black suite with faux fur trim is original, as sell as her undergarments, stockings and heeled pumps. 

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