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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Armand Marseille Googly

A.M. Mold 253

A tiny, all original package from Armand Marseille is what you get with this 7" mold 253 googly with side-glancing blue glass sleep eyes, a tightly smiling mouth, pale bisque and what seems to be her honey brown mohair wig.  Her body is all composition, in five pieces jointed at the shoulders and hips and her feet are covered with her tiny original socks and oilcloth shoes (one buckle missing).  Super cute is her original pique type, A-line dress, trimmed with a pale blue and pink deco motif,

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A.M. "Just Me"!

Armand Marseilles character toddler "Just Me" in adorable 8" size and all original.  She has the unfired bisque head with blue, side-glancing or googly eyes that sleep, a tiny little turned down smile, chubby cheeks in a rosy blush, and a pale blond mohair wig.
Her five-piece, composition toddler body is in excellent shape with the right arm bent and the left one straight, jointed at the shoulders and hips.  Her original organdy outfit is a short, pink sundress with matching cloche bonnet and she wears her original, side snap oil cloth shoes with white socks.  She belongs in the unofficial Museum of Cuteness!

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Petite Kestner 221 Googly


Adorable and only 11, we have a Kestner 221 googly with blue, side-glancing set eyes, watermelon grin, multi-stroke eyebrows and fine painted lashes, original plaster pate and an antique, blond human hair long wig.

Her healthy, composition toddler body is fully jointed, even at the wrists and is very conducive to fun posing. Clothing is a simple, antique white cotton, two piece dress with light blue polka dots, her undergarments are antique as are her pale blue cloth shoes. Red straw hat with organdy ribbon trim is a vintage addition.

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Super Rare Body on this Kestner 221 Googly!


If you need to fulfill that last category in your collection of Kestner 221 googlies, or if this is your first Kestner 221 googly, please take note as this is not only a very large model (15''), but she is on a super rare Kestner body type. The bisque head with brown glass, side-glancing sleep eyes and watermelon mouth is on bisque shoulder plate that swivels, and the torso, upper arms and upper legs are sturdy, cork filled components.

Together with the typical Kestner rivet jointing, composition lower arms and lower legs and Kestner paper label on her chest, she makes for a proud addition to any collection. If you choose to cover this outstanding body, her multi-layered play clothes are fun and casual with a blue and white print pinafore over a heavy cotton, long sleeved dress that buttons in the back, to reveal her fancy cotton, lace trimmed, rear closing bloomers.

Check out her white cotton, lace trimmed onesy undergarment! She wears antique socks, shoes and an vintage lacy organza bonnet. This great leather body is in very good condition with just a couple of patches on the upper arms. This one is so much fun to hold or to pose in a sitting position. 

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Simon Halbig 949 with Closed Mouth      The Judy McDonald Collection

Definitely made for the French market doll trade, this Simon Halbig 949 child (13 3/4") does not fail to impress.  She has intense, blue glass eyes, a closed mouth with pouty, rouged cheeks, lushly painted lashes and brows, pierced ears and an abundant, blond mohair antique wig. She is like that child you know that has those unmistakable, rich molding of features and expression found on this 900 series of Simon Halbig dolls.
Continuing with her French persona, she has a fully jointed, French type body with straight wrists, similar to the body you would find on a Jumeau doll of her time.  Her costume, made of antique lace and fabrics, is bound to get attention at the party with it's opulent design and matching, fancy brimmed, flower adorned chapeau.

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