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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Simon Halbig Early Boy and Girl

$1975. for the pair
A delightful pair of early Simon Halbig bisque dolls (9 1/2") with molded blond hair, glass eyes, very pale complexion with soft shading and decoration, bisque lower arms and linen bodies that are jointed at the shoulders, hips and knees.  Both in regional costumes of Germany, the girl has brown glass eyes and the boy's eyes are a vibrant cobalt blue.  The girl wears her elaborate head dress, the costumes are mostly bright and in good condition, however the back of the girl's purple skirt has faded considerably and there are vertical slits on the left side of the skirt. 

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Kuhnlenz Black Bisque Child

8 1/2"
Ethnic Features


To add to your shelf of petite dolls comes this ethnically featured Gebruder Kuhnlenz girl with an ebony bisque head, dark brown sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, eye accent dots and lips in cadmium red (some worn off), and an original, black mohair wig in long braids.

She has a five-piece paper mache body also painted in the ebony tone of her head and she is jointed at the shoulders and hips, being a bit loosely strung with original assembly. The body does have a few white dots from the under layer showing through the finish. She casually wears her antique cotton dress and pantaloons as she plays barefoot in the garden. 

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Simon Halbig with Mama Crier

Mold 1079


With this darling little Simon Halbig 1079 child comes a surprise, in the form of two pull strings on the left side of her torso that when pulled, say “mama” or “papa” depending on how you hear it! She has brown glass sleep eyes with her original hair lashes, an open mouth with teeth, peachy bisque and her original, light brown curly wig.

The torso and upper legs of her body is of stuffed muslin, her should plate supporting her bisque head is of originally painted composition, her upper arms are fully jointed composition, even at the wrists, and her lower legs are also of composition with joints at the knees. Under her factory, pale blue and white floral cotton frock with lace trim is an equally crisp, white organdy under-dress and matching pantaloons. Even her tiny, cream fabric shoes and knit ocks fit her perfectly and she wears a casual straw hat. Sweet little interactive package. 

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Armand Marseille Googly

A.M. Mold 253

A tiny, all original package from Armand Marseille is what you get with this 7" mold 253 googly with side-glancing blue glass sleep eyes, a tightly smiling mouth, pale bisque and what seems to be her honey brown mohair wig.  Her body is all composition, in five pieces jointed at the shoulders and hips and her feet are covered with her tiny original socks and oilcloth shoes (one buckle missing).  Super cute is her original pique type, A-line dress, trimmed with a pale blue and pink deco motif,

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Early Handwerck Child

Grand Size!


Standing proud because she towers over most of her friends and sisters, we have a 33” grand German doll by the firm of Heinrick Handwerck with a hint of character in her earlier face. She has incredible blue glass sleep eyes decorated with abundant lashes and brush stroked, molded brows, an open mouth with teeth, pale bisque with gently rouged cheeks and her original, human hair, cinnamon brown wig in long, full ringlets.

  Her fully jointed, German composition and wood body is in excellent condition, only showing normal wear at the friction areas. She wears a light, cotton organdy antique dress in a pale blue floral pattern and a white cotton antique pinafore that has long ties in the back . For finishing touches, button up antique child shoes and a high profile antique bonnet of cotton organdy. She is happy to sit or stand!    

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Kammer and Reinhardt

128 Toddler


From Kammer and Reinhardt, here is a tall ray of sunshine in a rarer mold, the 128 character on a fully jointed, slant-hip toddler body. This happy girl has brown glass sleep eyes, an open, smiling mouth with upper teeth, peachy, beautiful bisque and shading, and an older, long strawberry blond human hair wig. Look at that healthy toddler body with original finish, chunky limbs, slanted hips and jointed wrists.  

The hands are a slightly different hue from the arms, however this did happen in factories when parts were pulled from the different bins of limbs. After you take in her adorable party dress and matching bonnet made with anitque fabrics, check out her unique undergarments that include cotton pantaloons, of course, then cream silk stocking held up by a full body garter belt! Her polished leather, antique child shoes are incredible as well!

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