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G e r m a n   D o l l s

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Heubach Koppelsdorf Googly

8 1/2"
 Mold 322

Sure to add some vivid color to your display, this lively Heubach Koppelsdorf mold 322 googly is happy to fill that spot on the shelf.  She has pale bisque with blushed cheeks, big, round blue side-glancing, glass sleep eyes, a closed mouth with coy little smile and an antique mohair braided wig in a a copper blond.  Her five-piece composition body has molded brown shoes and cream socks and her colorful vintage dress creates interest with its dark blue and green  paisley pattern all tied up with a red ribbon.  There is some darkening of the varnish in areas of the body.

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Armand Marseille Googly

A.M. Mold 253

A tiny, all original package from Armand Marseille is what you get with this 7" mold 253 googly with side-glancing blue glass sleep eyes, a tightly smiling mouth, pale bisque and what seems to be her honey brown mohair wig.  Her body is all composition, in five pieces jointed at the shoulders and hips and her feet are covered with her tiny original socks and oilcloth shoes (one buckle missing).  Super cute is her original pique type, A-line dress, trimmed with a pale blue and pink deco motif,

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Hertel and Schwab Googly with Ginger Hair


Here's a Hertel Schwab 165 googly (13") who carries a rare variation on her body style. While it is a toddler body, it has one piece arms and is jointed at the shoulders with cloth. She has vivid blue glass, side-glancing eyes, a watermelon closed mouth and her antique, carrot red human hair wig fill the room with color and life! She wears a playful cotton sundress and loves to sit or stand but mostly sit!

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Hertel and Schwab

12 1/2"
165   Googly


Those Hertel and Schwab googlies always bring a smile. This cheerful girl has brown glass, side-glancing glacing sleep eyes and that famous watermelon shaped mouth, in an adorable 13 size. Her light brown mohair wig in bobbed style is original. Her fully jointed composition toddler body is in excellent condition and she wears antique undergarments, shoes socks and a casual, pink white and blue striped play dress.

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All Original Bye-Lo Baby

11" tall
The Judy McDonald Collection

Almost "fresh from the factory" condition, we have here a tiny 11", all original Bye-Lo baby by Grace Putnam, who has blue glass sleep eyes, a solid dome head with light brown painted hair and beautiful, smooth bisque on its chubby newborn face.  The body is cloth and the hands are of celluloid, and in the body is a crier box that no longer works when tilted.  All over the body are scattered, brown stain marks, possibly from water stains from a time spend near splashing water.
If a baby could have deluxe presentation, this one certainly does, as in addition to being in the original baby gown with pink ribbon trim, on its head is the frilly, lace and ribbon original bonnet.  Also there are the fine knit, two-piece underclothing set plus the original diaper.  And to top it all off, the gown bears the original Bye-Lo factory fabric tag attached to the front collar.

s s s       

A.M. "Just Me"!

Armand Marseilles character toddler "Just Me" in adorable 8" size and all original.  She has the unfired bisque head with blue, side-glancing or googly eyes that sleep, a tiny little turned down smile, chubby cheeks in a rosy blush, and a pale blond mohair wig.
Her five-piece, composition toddler body is in excellent shape with the right arm bent and the left one straight, jointed at the shoulders and hips.  Her original organdy outfit is a short, pink sundress with matching cloche bonnet and she wears her original, side snap oil cloth shoes with white socks.  She belongs in the unofficial Museum of Cuteness!

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Heubach Googly Fisherboy

This Heubach cutie (7") has gone a-fishin' with his pole and sailor hat.  He has a bisque head, painted blue, side-glancing eyes, a watermelon smile and light brown painted hair with a molded tuft on top.
He has a five-piece, simple composition body, jointed at the shoulders and hips with molded and painted brown shoes and black socks.  For today's fishing trip he wears a red and white checkered cotton shirt and tan cotton overalls.  As of yet, the hook at the end of his line is still unoccupied!

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Franz Schmidt Flapper on Pedestal

Serving a dual role as doll and figurine, this 6 1/2" flapper girl, mounted on a low, gold-toned pedestal and wearing a festive original costume with towering original hat, reaches an overall height of 8 1/2" total.  She has a bisque head marked W&C, brown sleep eyes, an open mouth, original brunette bobbed human hair wig, a five-piece flapper bodyplus molded stockings and mustard gold, two strap pumps.

s s s       

Kammer & Reinhardt 127 Baby       The Judy McDonald Collection

A harder to find mold number from Kammer & Reinhardt, the 127 baby is an especially sweet character, especially in this smaller size of 10" long.  He has blue glass sleep eyes and an open mouth with teeth and some plump, rosy cheeks.  This version has the solid dome bisque head with molded hair that is painted a soft, sandy blond.
The five piece baby body with bent legs is in beautiful shape with original finish and the signature right hand facing in, the signature pose for the K*R baby bodies.  He will be making an impression to whoever sees him in his infant, two-piece sailor suit of cream and pale blue with matching
sailor cap and white cloth booties.  Ahoy there!

s s s       

Simon Halbig 1329

14 1/2"
Asian Beauty

Exuding a special grace and tranquility, here is one of Simon Halbig's molds that portrays the Asian face with the  molding of her eye cuts, the painting of her features and the slightly warm, olive tone of her flawless bisque.  She has brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with teeth, soft shading on her cheeks and pierce ears.  Her original, black human hair wig is braided and pinned into an elaborate, high rolled bun and adorned with Spring cherry blossums.
Her fully jointed composition German body is marked "Germany" on the back lower hip and it too has a soft, golden tone to it, just like the bisque, to mimic the Asian complexion.  The top section of her right arm has wear at the elbow joint. Her sateen Japanese tunic with matching pants is a clear water turquoise and around her shoulders is an accent scarf achieved by adding a band of delicate antique ribbon with a soft. floral motif.  Her shoes are antique simple slippers of red oil cloth.

s s s          

Mein Leibling 117N        The Judy McDonald Collection

If you need your spirits raised for a moment, this Kammer and Reinhardt 117N (20") is up to the task with her blue glass flirty eyes, creamy bisque and healthy cheeks, open mouth with teeth and her original, shoulder length blond mohair wig.  Called the "Mein Liebling" she certainly is "My Darling" and whichever way her eyes are gazing, they will bring a smile to your face.
Her fully jointed composition body is excellent in condition and finish, and very pose-able too!  Although a shame to cover up, her body wears a fine quality, antique dress of pink and white striped cotton with pink ruffles at the sleeves, bodice and hemline that make her truly a "Darling".  Her undergarments. socks and leather shoes are all antique and she wears a newer watch fob pin as an accessory.  From the long-loved collection of  Judy McDonald.

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