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E a r l y   D o l l s

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Beidermeier China Monk

A highly unusual example of an early china (16"), most closely related to the Beidermeier type of 1840, who is dressed in his all original robes of a priest or monk. The head is of white china, eyes are painted blue and cheeks slightly blushed and black painted circle at the top of the head has a shape of center-parted hair.
The body is sturdy cloth with leather arms and hands with separately detailed fingers.  The main tunic robe is of dark brown wool, with a white capelet, then a dark brown wool scapular, draping the front and back, and having a red embroidered pectoral cross.  The waist is drawn in with a twine rope and attached to it is a miniature, glass bead rosary.  White cotton undergarments are original as well.

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Early Character China

Possibly K.P.M.

With head tilted in a downward glaze, this early china lady seems to jump off the canvas of a master painting of a religious scene.  K.P.M. is known to have made these pensive molds in Germany between 1840 and 1870, among other manufacturers of fine china.  She has a pale complexion with molded cafe au lait curls around her forehead and in an upturned bun, finished off on top with a white bow or hair ornament.  She has lightly shaded cheeks and demure features, a long, graceful neck and gently posed white china lower arms and hands.
Her original body is of cloth with seams at the shoulders and hips and wears tightly fitted black leather slippers.  Whether her A-lined silk dress with ruffled edge is original is not known, but it certainly has the age and feel of something from her time of making.  She also has lovely cotton undergarments.  Sometimes called Nymphenberg chinas, it is not easy to come across one of these pensive, portrait-like figures, making them as elusive as they are beautiful.

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Milliners Model in Country Costume

Paper Mache shoulderhead Milliners model, circa 1840's, in her original costume of a German or Swiss  countryside region, standing 10 1/2". Her braided rear bun with ears covered frames her peaceful expression, blue painted eyes, slightly blushed cheeks and subtle smile.  She has a slim leather body with lower arms and legs of carved wood and painted yellow slippers.  She wears a simple costume of an ecru cotton blouse, black velvet vest, and organdy diaphanous over-skirt with red cord trim appearing on each piece.  Her ecru cotton undergarments are beneath.  There is some expected surface wear to her original facial paint surface and at one point she must have carried a basket in her left hand of which the handle only remains.

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Taufling Body China

Rare Large Size

An already rare doll, the Taufling, or Motchsman body child china becomes almost a fantasy in this larger than large size of 15".  And what's more is the hard to find "Alice" hairdo, making her a museum piece indeed.  Her near-white china continues from her rounded, youthful head, flange neck, lower arms with lovely detailed fingers to her lower legs with realistically molded calves. Then come her china feet that are molded black boots. At her left temple runs a very fine line that is very difficult to see and it also faintly appears across the bridge of the nose.
Her hair, once gold-luster hairband, shy facial painting and shading are neat and understated.  Her shoulderplate and hip section are of paper mache, with the original, cotton-filled linen joints providing ample movement.  There is wear and soiling to these fabric sections, which is to be expected after over 175 years of handling, so there are areas that are fragile or restitched.  Her cotton undergarments, that have some later dated provenance pinned on, and her simple and fine cotton wool dress are accessorized with a beaded shoulder bag that respectfully remains from when she was acquired.

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German Paper Mache

Exposed Ears

The hairstyle on this all original German paper mache sets her apart and traces her back to the 1840's when braided strands, traveling from the temple, under the exposed ears and then tied into a rear bun were the coif of the day.  She has a wonderful, original complexion with just a minor crazing line under the chin, blue painted eyes and beautifully painted closed lips.
The body is of cloth and jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, with hands of simple wood with a flesh toned paint and carved thumb. She comes dressed in her original 1840's silhouette dress of a muted, small paisley print with puffed sleeves and bold gathers angling away from her waist and around her shoulders.  Undergarments are also original, her red knit stockings are quite rough and she wears antique black leather slippers with silver buckles.

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Swivel Neck English Wooden

Once the doll collector's eye turns to English wooden dolls, everything changes.  The personal standard for beauty experiences a broadening, but at the same time, a sophistication that understands a different genre.  The earthiness of art in wood is a whole new study that is both complicated and, well, intoxicating!
The age of an English wooden is determined in a few ways, by the detail of the head and facial carving and the finishing of the body, which puts this tall girl of 23 1/2" at approximately 1760.  Her profile is quite interesting with her dainty, upturned nose and feminine, weak chin, and she has demure, closed lips and detailed, carved ears.
The most interesting aspect of this wooden lady is her very rare, swivel neck, allowing extra flexibility to her posing ability.  This is very seldom seen, in addition to her pronounced carved breasts and genital area, with a fine, finished paint surface to her wood body and limbs.  Only her upper arms differ by being made of cloth for jointing.  Her age appropriate costume, a three-piece silk gown and quilted silk underskirt have the added feature of two matching quilted pockets for portability of her small items.  Her auburn human hair is covered by an antique, white cotton cap and she has antique, red leather slippers.

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Early Tuck Comb

12 1/2"
Grodnertal Wooden in Box

Reclining in her bent wood container, this endearing Grodnertal wooden doll looks quite comfortable and very well preserved.  She has a yellow painted tuck comb, black hair trimmed with spiraled wisps of bangs around the forehead, an egg shaped head with all her little painted features placed on the bottom half of her face, typical of these early girls.  Only her nose has some restoration and there are only spots of wear to her fair complexion, while she retains her blushed cheeks and pierced earrings.  Her expression is unusually sweet!
Her body is completely of wood, jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, for full articulation, both her lower arms and legs have finished surfaces, and she has the signature cadmium red painted slippers.  Her clothing is completely original to her 1820's time of production, and consists of a sheer, light lavender on white cotton print dress, with highly puffed upper sleeves that made fashion news around this time.  In addition, her delicate muslin cotton slip and pantaloons are original and all clothing is in very nice condition.

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