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E a r l y   D o l l s

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Milliner's Model Circa 1840
A pleasing, 10 1/2" blue-eyed beauty that tells us she is from the year 1840 with her rare, hairdo that falls below her exposed ears and travels back to be tied in a braided bun.  She has wood lower arms and legs, and her shoes are painted yellow slippers.  Her sheer plaid summer dress and her cotton undergarments are original.  Although the original surface of her paper mache shoulderplate does have some crazing from age, her overall condition is unusually nice.

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Wax Child with Sleep Eyes

22 1/2"
Amazing Original Presentation

A cherubic face in wax with brown enamel sleep eyes, endearing, tight blond mohair curls, a turned shoulder head, early arms of tan leather and separately stitched fingers, a firm, horse hair stuffed, cloth body with jointing at the shoulders, hips and knees caused by extra stitching, and sewn in pink leather boots with side button detail and lower legs of pink and cream striped stockings. 
This of course is a continuation of the wonderful rose cotton costume she wears that features repeated pleating, ruffling and lace detail.  Her cloth hat has age, but is not original to her.  Equally impressive as her outer garment are her crisp, original undergarments, all with matching trim and starched to perfection when she was made.
She comfortable sits as well as stands
, and when laying down, she goes to sleep!

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Unusual Paper Mache

23 1/2"
Circa 1820

With a statuesque silhouette and stuffed all kid leather body, this young specimen with paper mache head and shoulders resembles the dolls of the Empire period of France such as the uncomplicated, simple faces of the carton moule genre.  Called the "Poupee Paris", her molded braided bun, high on her head, painted side curls, and her pierced ears remind us of the graceful paper mache ladies of early nineteenth century Germany.  Her finish retains its original warm patina with only some scattered surface scratches, scuffs and some wear to the end of her nose.
Her dream-like 1810 gown of white, diaphanous gauze hangs long from the Empire waist construction, inspired by the fashion style of Josephine Bonaparte.  Along with what seems to be original cotton undergarments, she continues to surprise with her antique, red leather slippers that "fit like gloves", hiding beneath.  Could she have retained her original shoes all these years?  That question is what makes doll collecting the heartwarming and intriguing pastime that it is, as just like this mystery of a doll, it keeps us thinking, searching and learning while we forget about the negative stuff.  Therapy!

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