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E a r l y   D o l l s

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Blond Hair Parian

15 1/2"

Molded Blue Bow


Having a molded blue bow molded on her blond, parian head of curls makes this very pale early girl with painted eyes  and rosy cheeks all the more special. Her almost white face and shoulders is carried through to her pale china lower arms and legs, and she has molded black, multi-strap boots. The left lower leg has had a break and reglue that is hidden under the skirt.
Another nice feature adding to her pulled back curls, are her exposed ears.  Her antique cloth body is jointed at the shoulder and hips so she can easily sit or stand.  She is wearing a cotton, antique dress with eyelet trim and blue silk ribbon encircling the skirt.  Undergarment are antique as well.

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Early Continental Doll


Composite over Wood

As with many early dolls from the European continent, this intriguing wooden female most probably started out as a creche or religious figure and with some style and grooming changes over the centuries, now stands as a refined lady.  She looks to be French from the late 18th century with a very expressive face having enamel eyes, character features, and detailed molding of facial structure and ears.  Her antique long, mohair wig is an addition and not original, covered by an antique lace mob cap..
Head and shoulder are stationary and the material is a wood/paper/gesso composite over a layer of carved wood underneath.  The cloth upper arms are jointed at the shoulder and are composite from the elbow to the hands. The rest of the body is wood with a painted gesso surface jointed at the hips and knees, painted white stockings and cared footwear.  The doll cannot reach a full sitting position as the jointing is stiff.  Her undergarments are antique with the pantaloons actually looking as old as she is, however the dress is made in the 21st century with old fabrics.  Her face has had professional, conservative touch up to retain her stately and regal presence.

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Rare Paper Mache Squeaker

Seldom seen, early paper mache squeaker(6 1/4") from 1860 Germany with attached hat, and abdominal squeaker that actually works!  The upper and lower body, separated by a muslin spacer, need to be pushed towards each other gently to sound the faint cry.  The chubby face has painted features and the wavy short hair painted brown, while the yellow hat with blue ribbon has some wear at the front and back edges.  The simple muslin chemise is original and the molded yellow boots have black button detail.

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Rare Paper Mache Squeaker Alice Hairdo

A German, paper mache squeaker from approximately 1860 that retains much of her original charm, but her squeaker no longer works due to holes in the muslin spacing fabric between her upper and lower paper mache body.  She has a timely "Alice" molded hairstyle, dark brown painted hair with hairband, a painted feature, chubby face and brown molded bootines.  Her muslin print chemise is worn, but original and the muslin skirt was added later.

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China in Red Cape

We can picture this 1860's china (18 1/2") making an impression in town or on the prairie,  wearing her detailed, tan cotton dress with tiny floral print and black ribbon trim around the skirt, with an apron of black leaves printed on red that matches her vibrant red wool cape. 
  She has the flat top, 1860's hairdo with ringlet curls all around, deeply sloping shoulders, blue painted eyes and quality molding.  Her cloth body is antique, with china lower arms, and her detailed, antique undergarments complete her ensemble..  

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Richly Detailed Parian with Turned Head


A study of the molded hair bisque dolls of Germany is an unending education, as the variety of hairstyles, colors, hair ornaments, shoulder head designs and fancy decoration to either the head or shoulders is unlimited. This statuesque lady (21") has a molded, blond head of braided locks rolled into a large top bun, with abundant curly bangs. She has blue painted eyes, snowy white bisque, pierced ears and she has a turned head on a shapely, stationery shoulder plate.

 Her cloth upper arms continue to bisque lower arms that  have hands molded into a graceful pose and her original body is cloth, jointed at the shoulders, hips and knees with feet that are actually black leather boots. A dramatic black wool, two piece dress has bold, red satin ribbon trim for detail. Undergarments are also antique.

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Rare Nymphenburg China

Inspired by historical sculptures, paintings and creche figures, these serene chinas were made in the Bavaria region of Germany just after 1900, at Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory.  The downward glance of this 17" muse, gives her a serious, pensive mood and the fine quality of her china can be seen in the detail of her cafe au lait, curly locks of molded hair with a molded bow on the top of her head.  Her blue painted eyes, slightly visible under her eyelids, her elongate nose and softly blushed cheeks are mesmerizing.
Just like her head and shoulder plate, she has beautifully sculpted china hands in a delicate, open pose and her lower legs of china have molded, lace-up bootines.  Her body is cloth, jointed at the shoulders, hips and knees, she has what seems to be her original costume of silk with metallic accents, depicting late eighteenth century fashion, and she holds a celluloid fan.

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Early Tuck Comb

12 1/2"
Grodnertal Wooden in Box

Reclining in her bent wood container, this endearing Grodnertal wooden doll looks quite comfortable and very well preserved.  She has a yellow painted tuck comb, black hair trimmed with spiraled wisps of bangs around the forehead, an egg shaped head with all her little painted features placed on the bottom half of her face, typical of these early girls.  Only her nose has some restoration and there are only spots of wear to her fair complexion, while she retains her blushed cheeks and pierced earrings.  Her expression is unusually sweet!
Her body is completely of wood, jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, for full articulation, both her lower arms and legs have finished surfaces, and she has the signature cadmium red painted slippers.  Her clothing is completely original to her 1820's time of production, and consists of a sheer, light lavender on white cotton print dress, with highly puffed upper sleeves that made fashion news around this time.  In addition, her delicate muslin cotton slip and pantaloons are original and all clothing is in very nice condition.

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